April 14, 2024

This morning while praying, I found myself in the throne room of God. He was waiting for me, and when I arrived, He took me to the River of Life that flows from His throne.

As we walked, I could see trees filled with beautiful fruit, and the water was crystal clear. We walked onto a bridge that crossed over the river, and we stood there together.

There were trees and foliage on both sides – and there were flowers just beyond the many trees. It was beautiful and peaceful.

We talked for a little while about different things. We joked with each other, and I loved hearing Him laugh.

His hair and beard are white, and when looking at the side of His face – His profile – it seemed perfect, and I love that we are made in His image.

It was wonderful to be there with Him – to talk to Him, laugh with Him, spend time with Him. My heart was full of peace and joy.

He said, “I love the way you write, daughter.”

That got me – and tears flowed. I said, “Thank You, Father.”

He said, “It is My heart to know My children, to spend time with them as I am with you.

It is My heart to see them joyful and thriving.

So many of My children – they don’t know Me – yet I know them. They are a part of Me – for all of My children are created in My image.

When My children seek Me, they are seeking My heart – for it is where the true treasures are. And when they seek Me – I will always be found.

As they seek My heart, My love overflows onto them. My blessings pour out, for it brings Me such joy when they seek a relationship with Me.

I want to teach them about Me.
I want to teach them about themselves.
I want to show them what true love is.
I want to talk with them, laugh with them.
I want to spend time with them – because their presence brings Me such joy.

I want to be their friend.
I want to be their Father.
I want to grieve with them.
I want to celebrate with them.

My heart is for ALL of My children to know Me as intimately as I know them.

I want to just sit with them – to hold them, to let them know how cherished they are.

I want to talk to them about the difficult things they have faced in their lifetime.
I want to show them there is a better way – if they would only seek Me, seek My heart – so I could share these things with them.

They have full access to Me. I am holding nothing back from them.

I need My children to know this – I am holding nothing back. It is the enemy that is holding them back from Me.

All they have to do is choose Me – choose to not let the enemy have any power over them – and they will find Me.

They will find a love like no other – for I love them deeply. I cherish them deeply.

I am not holding anything back. My love is here. I am here – always here.

When you seek My heart – you will discover things you never thought of before. You will
encounter mysteries that only I can solve.

You will experience a love like no other – and you will encounter Me. And I will abide in you as you abide in Me.

My heart is for all of My children to know Me – to be in unity with one another – to all be connected as ONE – to share this unified love with all the ones that are hurting and broken…for when just one of My children are hurting – I, too, am hurting.

My compassion is never ending.
My mercy is never ending.
And My love is never ending.

If you want to know Me – seek My heart – for it will be found. I long to change your life with just one encounter of My love pouring out over you.

My heart is YOU – to know You – and to love YOU is EVERYTHING TO ME!”

Wow! What a blessing to be so deeply loved by our Father in Heaven.

His heart is YOU – it is filled with love for each one of His children. And what an honor it is to know that He wants to spend time with each one of us – intimate, one on one time with God – our Father.

We stood on that bridge, and I didn’t want to leave His presence. I didn’t want to walk away from the peace and love I felt while standing next to Him. I didn’t want to leave the beauty of the river of life that was all around me. It was breathtaking.

The look on His face was full of so much love. I can only hope that I am doing it justice by describing it to you. It was magnificent, powerful, wonderful, heart-wrenching, and fascinating all at the same time.

He invited me to come meet with Him again, and I said, “Yes! Absolutely!”

I then hugged Him and thanked Him for sharing His heart with me.

It was a wonderful encounter that I will cherish forever. Every time I think about it, feelings of love overpower me, and my heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest.

The love of God is deep and powerful – and His heart is for you to know Him as intimately as He knows you.

I encourage you to seek the heart of God – because it will change your life.

In His love,