June 25, 2024

Today, in the spirit, I found myself trapped in a giant holding cell or prison that was underground. There were thousands and thousands of people with me in this holding cell. There were bars above us, and I could see giant demons walking around. They walked right over us – ignoring our cries to be set free.

It was dark in the cell below. As I began to really take a look at my surroundings, I realized that there weren’t that many of us asking to be set free. They were oblivious to the fact that we were in a prison being held against our will. We were oppressed – and they seemed to be okay with it.

These people continued on as if this was normal.

It broke my heart to see the defeated looks on so many of their faces.

I began to cry out, “There is more! This is not right! God never meant for us to live this way! He has MORE for us!” But it fell on deaf ears.

They don’t understand the fog of unclarity that they are living under.
They don’t know that we have been lied to for longer than any of us have been alive.
They don’t know that our freedom has been stripped away.

This was normal to them, and they seemed to accept that this is the way things are supposed to be.

I was in shock that they couldn’t see what was going on around them.

The others that were crying out to be set free were also looking at these people in disbelief that they were so easily fooled.

We very quickly knew that we had to do something, so we began to pray earnestly.

We prayed in the spirit, and we didn’t stop – even when so many people told us to shut up. We continued praying – full of faith and determined to change our circumstances – we kept praying.

We noticed other people began to join us. We kept praying.

My heart rejoiced, and I thanked God for our freedom. I knew in my heart that He was going to set us free.

Eventually, every single one of us in that holding cell were crying out to God. Our voices created a beautiful harmony as our prayers went straight to the throne room of God.

I suddenly felt a rumbling beneath my feet. I heard a loud explosion, and the bars above us disappeared!

We shouted with joy and began to climb out of that dark holding cell. I could see many of God’s angels fighting the giant demons.

We fought alongside the angels, and we did not stop until every single demon was destroyed.

Our clothes were old, dirty, ragged, and torn – but none of us cared. We were FREE – truly FREE!

We began to shout – it started out as a slow rumble but grew to a loud roar! “FREEDOM! WE ARE FREE!”

It was the most amazing feeling – one that I have never felt before!

Then suddenly, Jesus appeared.

We fell to our knees – thanking Him – for it is because of Him that we are set free!

The compassion on His face brought even more tears to my eyes. He is holy, magnificent! There is no ONE like Him.

He said, “My children – there are so many of you that don’t even realize that your freedom is slipping away.

Your enemy is doing this to you slowly – in a subtle way, and you believe his lies. You believe that your life is as good as it’s going to get.

Because of his lies, you believe that I don’t care about you.

You continue to fall for his wickedness. You let his evil schemes infiltrate every part of how you live, and so many of you have suffered mightily because of this.

It goes deeper than many of you know or understand.

Some of you think – even now – that the web he has weaved is too difficult for Me to untangle. You think it’s too late – and you have lost all hope.

Some of you think that what I am about to do is impossible.


You will soon discover that in an instant – I will reveal the lies to you!

In an instant – TRUTH will prevail!
In an instant – your enemy will be revealed!
In an instant – EVERYTHING will change!
In an instant – FREEDOM will reign!

I am working now to prepare each one of you for the changes that are coming.

For when you discover the TRUTH, you will be filled with righteous anger.

In that moment, the fog will be lifted.
The confusion will be gone.
Clarity will come.
And EVERYTHING will change!
Nothing is impossible with Me – NOTHING!

Many of you continue to awaken – and you join us in this fight against the wicked one. Unity in the body of Christ continues to grow – and evil will soon no longer be tolerated.

Continue to pray in unity. Your prayers are powerful – they move ALL of Heaven.
Continue to seek Me – for your deliverance is coming.

FREEDOM will reign – and the enemy and his evil empire will fall to the ground.

Celebrate your Independence this day.
Celebrate the freedom you do have.
But know this – it is nothing compared to what is coming!

I will show you what TRUE FREEDOM looks like…

Freedom from oppression.
Freedom from corrupt governments.
Freedom from corrupt churches.
Freedom from tyranny.
Freedom from confusion and so much more.
FREEDOM like you have never experienced before – get ready for it!

FREEDOM is coming – and it will be by My hand!”

Glory to God! Hallelujah! Praise the Name above all names! Freedom is coming!

The feelings I felt during this experience were amazing! Just typing out these words brings it back, and my body trembles with joy and peace that simply cannot be explained with words. It was glorious and amazing. Good things are coming – trust in the Lord.

We will be set free. We will finally know the TRUTH. And we will celebrate in victory!

God is good.

He loves us so deeply. He hears every single prayer. He knows we are frustrated. He knows we are angry because evil has overcome us in so many ways. He knows our freedom is slipping away. He knows ALL of it – and He is coming to set us free!

We will know when this day is here – not one single person on this planet will be able to escape what is coming.

God has made it very clear that TRUTH is coming. CHANGE is coming. FREEDOM is coming.

And we will watch the enemy fall to the ground by His mighty hand.

Praise the Lord for all that He is and all that He is doing for every single one of us.


Celebrate your freedom today – but remember it is nothing compared to what is coming! Hallelujah! Amen!

In His love,