Pure Truth Podcast

Pouring Out What God Pours Into Us

Through a divine appointment from God, Kathy, Susan, and Laura, have come together to share the things that God has poured into them through their intimate relationship with Him. Their encouraging testimonies of faith, revelatory understanding through visions and dreams, and exploring the Heavenly realms will inspire you to desire a more intimate relationship with God for yourself.

This podcast is not for those who want more religion, but for those who desire to go deeper and possibly open your eyes to things you’ve never experienced before in a relationship with God. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the testimonies and revelations they have received can help you grow closer in your relationship with God. If you have any questions regarding our podcast or suggestions for topics of discussion, please email us at: puretruthpodcast3@gmail.com. It’s always a pleasure to pour out God’s pure truth!

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