May 29, 2024

This morning, I was praying – and in the spirit, I saw a door in front of me. It seemed to be floating, but I knew I couldn’t open it. I walked closer, and there was a dark shadow sitting in front of the door.

I asked if I could go through the door. The shadow said, “You don’t have the key.”

Jesus suddenly appeared next to me, and He said, “I have the key.”

The dark shadow disappeared. We stood before this door, and revelation came pouring in.

This was the door to someone’s heart. It was tightly locked, and no one could get in without a special key. Jesus always has the special key.

He smiled at me and opened the door.

Bright light was all I could see around me. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust.

I then saw little compartments with boxes or bins. They were locked up securely with words written on the outside of them. Some of these compartments were larger than others.

The largest one took my breath away. It was labeled F E A R, and it had black stuff oozing out of it.

I saw other labels marked as insecurity, anxiety, lies, strength, love, abuse, heartbreak, rejection, not enough, stupid, lazy – there were so many.

I could FEEL the pain from some of them, and love from the others. It was a mixture of joy and sadness – and I knew there was more pain and suffering in this person’s heart than there was love and joy.

I saw a box labeled P E A C E, but it was completely empty.

I looked at Jesus, and He said, “PRAY!”

I began to pray with my whole heart that this person be healed and delivered from the pain and suffering that was locked up tightly within their heart. I knew it was causing so much pain and suffering that it was making them sick. So much bitterness and hatred were slowly killing this person. My heart ached with the pain – it was so much.

I prayed in the spirit. I prayed for this person to have an encounter with Jesus.

I was overjoyed when I watched Jesus walk over to the box labeled, F E A R. I kept praying, and watched as He touched the black, oozing box – and it exploded into a million pieces, and all of it disintegrated. It was gone – there was no trace of it left.

One by one, He touched each box, and they disappeared.

The light grew brighter and brighter as this person was set free from everything the enemy had bound within them.

I fell to my knees in complete awe of what Jesus was doing. Compassion and love flowed from Him, and it poured over me.

I wept – overwhelmed with so many emotions that I couldn’t find the right words as I was writing this down.

It was wonderful. It was beautiful. It touched me deeply.

It was complete and total surrender. This person had just surrendered her heart – somehow, I knew it was a woman. She surrendered her heart to Jesus, and it completely changed her heart and her life. She was set free.

Her heart flooded with peace, joy, and love. It was the most amazing thing to witness, and it truly blessed me.

Then I knew Jesus had a word He wanted to share.

He said, “My children, I ask that you surrender. So many of you ask Me for help, but you won’t surrender to Me. You hold yourself back time after time.

I need you to lay it all down and surrender it to Me. I can’t take it away if you won’t let go. Surrender it to Me.

So many of you try to do things in your own strength. I didn’t ask you to do this. You are tired, exhausted, weary. You’ve lost hope. You’ve lost peace and joy. You keep asking Me to help you, but you can’t seem to FULLY let it go.

Surrender it to Me. Let Me show you a better way. Let Me fill your heart with love and peace and joy again.

Let Me take away your pain and sorrow. I want to do all of these things, and so much more – but you must surrender ALL of it to Me.

Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy – this is what got you into the situation you are in now. Rebuke your enemy! Refuse to listen to him any longer.

Your strength is not in him or yourself. It can only be found in Me. You were never meant to do this alone. I am here – I have never left you.

Partner with Me. Seek Me, and I will show you a better way. I will remove all the locked boxes of pain in your heart. I will heal your deepest pain and replace it with My love.

Let go. Let Me in. I hear your prayers. I see your frustration when you think I’m not answering your prayers. I hear every single one of them.

Surrender. Let Me ALL the way in. I hold the key to your heart. Let Me in, and I will deliver you from everything the enemy has bound you in.

I have wonderful plans for you – plans that will change your life.

So many changes are coming in the days ahead, and I want nothing more than to have you be a part of it.

It’s time to surrender…

I won’t let you down. That is another lie from your enemy. I know every secret you have – every hidden compartment within your heart. There is no sin that I am not aware of – nothing that will keep you from Me – nothing that will stop Me from loving you.

I love you more than you know. My love for you has no beginning or end – it is eternal. It has always existed.

My child – it’s time to surrender.

Open your heart and let Me in – and watch what I will do for you.

You are precious. You are worthy to be loved. You are more than enough.

Let me show you how loved you are.

It’s time to surrender – I am here for you, always.”

Even as I’m writing these words, I’m crying because I can feel how much He loves each one of you. It is just so beautiful – the love He has for you is beautiful, wonderful, and so amazing.

And the Lord brought this to my mind – “they don’t understand the things they don’t know.”

It’s something He has been saying to me for the past several years.

There is so much that our Father wants to teach us so we may understand how He works – so we may know Him in a deeper, more intimate way.

If you want to know more about God’s plans for you – then it’s time to surrender. Give all of your burdens, your pain, your unanswered prayers and questions, and anything else you are struggling with – give it to the Lord.

Let it go.

Surrender to the One that will set you free. Let Him show you why you were created. You are worth it.

In His love,