March 31, 2024

This morning while praying, I felt heaviness all around me. I discovered very quickly that God was calling me to battle in the spirit.

I could see fire all around me. I saw lava flowing in the streets, and the clouds above me were dark.

I didn’t fully understand what was going on, so I began to pray in tongues. I prayed and prayed until I saw the darkness backing away. I prayed until I saw light from Heaven coming. It was intense.

I then saw Michael, the archangel, coming down from Heaven and he walked towards the darkness. He looked fierce and determined – nothing was going to stop him.

I watched as the darkness formed into a massive wall that looked more like a giant mountain that reached up high into the sky.

Michael stood in front of it – and the light of Heaven was behind him. It was bright! And I knew the army of Heaven was in that light.

I continued praying, and I suddenly felt something shift. I stopped and watched in awe as the giant mountain of darkness began to collapse. It broke into pieces and fell to the ground – completely collapsing into itself. The whole earth shook as it fell. It was massive.

The Holy Spirit then let me know that many others were praying with me in the Spirit all around the world – and together, we prayed that mountain of darkness down to the ground.

We prayed and moved Heaven to act on our behalf – and it was done. Praise God!

It is finished! Jesus is alive – and because of what He did on the cross, we have power and authority over the enemy – because of His blood that He shed for every single one of us.

Praise Him – for He is good! Thank You, Jesus!

I watched that mountain of darkness fall, and I rejoiced as I saw the light from Heaven completely encompass that darkness – and then it was gone! There was no trace of it ever being there – for our God makes all things new! Praise the Lord!

Revelation 21:5 – “And He who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’”

The power of prayer is phenomenal – we can move mountains with our faith and prayers!

I then heard Jesus say, “All of your prayers are heard in Heaven. There isn’t one prayer that is missed. Your prayers have more power than you think, and it brings Us joy to answer them.

And when two or more are gathered together in unity, Heaven moves on your behalf to answer those prayers.

I know many of you struggle because you don’t think your prayers are answered. But today I want to let you know that your prayers are answered – it just may not be in the way you want them to be answered, or in the time you want them to be answered.

And if you want to know why your prayer hasn’t been answered yet or why it wasn’t answered in the way you expected it to be – I invite you to come and ask Me. I delight in sharing these things with you.

Your prayers are powerful – and ALL of Heaven gets involved when We hear them. You are important to Us.

We are all cheering for you because you matter!! Do not listen to the lies of your enemy – for what he says about you will destroy you!

Stay focused on Me, and I will teach you and show you just how powerful YOUR prayers are.

In the coming days and months, darkness and evil will continue to try and dominate. You will see and hear strange things happening – but just as the mountain of darkness fell because My remnant prayed – so too can you destroy the enemy’s plans to dominate and harm you.

Pray, My children! Pray! For when you pray, Heaven moves. We see you! We hear you! We know you! And nothing can stop the army of Heaven that will come and fight for you!

Soon, all will be revealed, and you will know the reasons why this battle – this season – has been so intense.

Together, we will destroy the mountain of darkness. The enemy will lose, and we will celebrate!

Your prayers have power. PRAY! WE HEAR YOU!”

Hallelujah! Praise God for all that He is and all that He does for us!

This encounter encouraged me greatly! He hears ALL of our prayers. He knows us by name. He sees our desperation, our struggles, our pain, our frustration.

As we pray – we must remember He is sovereign – for He knows ALL things. He knows the future about our situation. He knows what will happen – how it will change us – if it is good or bad, and we need to trust that He is going to answer our prayers by doing what is best for each one of us.

He is our Father, our Creator – and He knows us deeply and thoroughly.

And when we gather in unity and pray – Heaven hears us, and They will move and destroy mountains for us.

Pray! Trust the Lord. Have faith in Him – and He will do what you cannot.

Your prayers have power!

In His love,