March 27, 2024

This morning, I found myself standing with Jesus in the spirit – and we were standing on top of a large hill overlooking a city below.

This city had a demonic stronghold over the top of it – this principality was a nasty one. In the spirit, the city looked like it was on fire.

There were demons everywhere. They crawled like ants over everything.

When an angel came on the scene, the demons hissed and screeched at it – but they didn’t fight the angel. They knew better.

I could hear people in the city below – some laughing, some crying. So many were suffering.

I noticed some people looking up at Jesus on the hill, and they began to climb up – crying out to Him. I also noticed a heavy rope tied around them as they tried to get to Jesus.

It was a Tether.

Tether is defined as “tying with a rope or chain so as to restrict movement.”

Some people made it halfway up the hill, and then something yanked on the tether – pulling them back down the hill. Some only made it to the bottom of the hill before they were pulled away.

I was horrified when I realized there were demons on the other end of the tether, and they laughed as they yanked these people back to them.

But I rejoiced when I witnessed some make it all the way up the hill. One touch from Jesus, and the tethers were removed. They simply disappeared.

So many don’t know or recognize the control the enemy has over them. What did they come into agreement with? What did their ancestors do that came down their family line and cursed them?

They must not know the power and authority that was given to them when Jesus died on the cross for all of us.

They are tethered to the enemy, and he knows it. As long as these people don’t know who they are in Christ, the enemy controls them. He laughs and scoffs at them when they try to break free from the tether – the hold he has over them.

But they can be set free! Oh, Lord – show them! Teach them! Break them free from bondage to the enemy!

I was amazed at the love I could see on Jesus’ face when one of His children made it up that hill. I saw the tears in His eyes as the other ones were yanked back down the hill. His love for us is more than we can comprehend.

Jesus said, “Do you see how deceived they are? The enemy lies to them over and over again, and they believe his lies. It is lies on top of lies, and it builds one on top of the other – slowly destroying them.

They reject My TRUTH – what I say about them. They choose to believe the lies that are harmful to them over the TRUTH of who WE created them to be.

I will absolutely set ALL of My children free – if they would only ask.

The tether that holds them back from Me is wrapped around many of them tightly – it holds them back from Me.

But what is coming will set many of them free. They are holding onto the tether because they believe the lies.

My TRUTH is what is coming, and it will silence the ones that like to talk and slander those of My remnant that have been speaking TRUTH.

Even those that slander will fall to their knees in repentance, for they are among the many that have been deceived.

I am revealing the lies – do you see it?
Do you hear it?
I am shaking the enemy’s long-standing foundation. Do you feel it?

He laughs and he scoffs now – but not for much longer!

I am coming to break My children free from the tethers. They will no longer be in bondage! They will no longer be held back from Me. They will know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set them free!
For My remnant – I am with you. Keep praying. Keep fighting. You will experience victory like no man before you has ever experienced.

Tolerance for what the enemy is doing is coming to an end. Do not tolerate his deceitful ways. Do not tolerate his attempts to sway you away from Me.

Stand your ground! Fight for yourself and for your family! Speak TRUTH! Don’t let the enemy deter you from what I have clearly spoken to you. If I spoke it, stand on it – and do it!

Do not let yourself get tethered to the enemy of your soul. Cut ties with him – for his time is short.

I am coming to reveal all of his lies. Draw close to Me – for I will never leave your side! You are loved deeply by me and the Father – and we have mighty plans for you.

Stay close. We will teach you and bless you. Trust in Me. I love you, always.”

Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Father!

When I was standing on top of that hill with Jesus, it was hard to watch the ones that tried so hard to climb up that hill only to be yanked back down by a demon because of the hold it had over them. So many people live in bondage to the enemy because they don’t know who they are in Christ.

This is what our enemy fears. He fears that we will discover what God says about us. He fears that we will discover the TRUTH – and once we do, the tether disappears. The chains disappear. We are set FREE!

The world has been tolerating the lies and the half-truths for so long, and it has drastically changed us – who we are, what we stand for. And it has been slowly destroying us.

But the Lord said, “I am coming to reveal all of his lies.” Get that deep down inside of you. Hear it. Grasp the meaning of it. The lies will be revealed – and everything will change. The tethers will disappear!

If you feel that the enemy has a hold over you – ask the Lord to reveal His truth about you and sever or break off the tether so you may be set free!

John 8:36 – “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”

In His love,