March 20, 2024

As I worshipped the Lord this morning, something felt different. It was unsettling, and I began to get frustrated until I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Just wait.”

So, I waited – quietly, patiently. One of the things I felt myself struggling with in this encounter was my old mindset – the old way of doing things. Those are the thoughts that kept coming to my mind, so I knew God had something He wanted to share.

The way we do things now – all of it is going away. It is changing, soon.

I then saw the earth shifted onto its side. Everything felt off – not the way it should be. It felt as if the earth itself was struggling to right itself.

I saw darkness on my left and light on my right. I was standing in the middle, and I intently felt the struggle between the two.

I saw a large sailboat flipped completely upside down beneath the water – and watched as it flipped over and was above the water.

There is a deep, intense struggle going on all around the world.

It’s the shift – we are in a unique moment in time right now. We are standing in the middle of darkness and light.

The ones that have awakened know the difference between darkness and light – evil versus good. But it seems like we will be in this place in time forever.

We know God has promised changes are coming – but we are struggling with our old mindsets – the way we have always done things – the way we have always existed – always been.

We are waiting for the earth to right itself.
We are waiting for the light to overtake the darkness.
We are waiting for the boat to flip up and be above the water, so we no longer feel like we are drowning.

We are struggling because that’s all we’ve ever done – all we’ve ever known…

But let me say this:

That is about to change.
That is our old mindset.
That is the way we used to do things!

We have already won! We already have the victory! Jesus did that for every single one of us.

Wow! I feel this deeply in my spirit. We need to get this deep down within us: WE HAVE ALREADY WON! Focus on that! Focus on Jesus!

Start changing your mindset from one of defeat and struggle to a mindset of victory and peace.

God is going to deliver us from this evil control of the enemy, and we are witnessing the enemy’s defeat day by day – hour by hour – minute by minute.

We are getting closer and closer to the day of TRUTH – the day that everything will finally be revealed.

I then heard the Lord say, “You are closer than you think to this day. Your enemy thinks he has more time, but his plans are coming to an end. His defeat is imminent.

For My children that are struggling – do not be dismayed or confused. What you are feeling and experiencing is the earth righting itself – for it groans with the weight of the evil among you.

I will continue to shake ALL things, and My children will feel the shaking within them – for I
am also shaking loose the old mindsets. That is why you feel the struggle.

I want to assure you that you have nothing to fear.

All I ask you to do is keep your eyes up. Stay focused on Me. All of My children will continue to feel what I am doing deep within them – for nothing will be left unchanged once the enemy has been defeated.

Do not fight against it. Come to Me and let Me fill your heart and your mind with peace – for all that I am doing within you and around you will lead to victory, peace, joy, and freedom that you have never experienced before.

I see each one of you.
I know the depths of your struggle.
I know your pain – and I will deliver you from all of it.

I am with you in the struggle. I am working within you to prepare you for the new changes that are coming.

Let go of the old mindset – for what I am bringing you will bless you in ways you have never imagined.

The old has gone – the new has come. Hold onto Me, and we will get there – together!

I am with you, always.”

God knows us so well! He knows we are struggling. He knows this is hard for so many of us. And He knows we need His encouragement.

This feeling of struggle between light and darkness will continue because we are right in the middle of it. It is way bigger than all of us – but God wants us very much to be a part of what He is doing. He wants to show us how to overcome evil – and He wants to teach us how to do things differently, because this is not how He meant for any of us to live.

We are so blessed to be here for the monumental changes that we are about to experience. Thank You, Father!

If you are one of the many people wondering when this craziness will end, or if you feel the constant struggle that is ever present around you – I want to encourage you to hang on. Look up, trust God, keep your eyes focused on Him because this will end.

And one more thing – let go of the old mindset – the way we used to do things, because God has bigger and better plans, and those changes are coming soon!

In His love,