This encounter was special. Father God spoke what is on His heart, and it affected me deeply. When He finished speaking to me, I could feel the depth of His emotion in His desire for us to draw closer to Him. The love He has for us is absolutely all encompassing, and once you encounter it – you will forever be changed.

That is His call to us – He wants each one of us to encounter Him; encounter His love so we can know true love, peace, and joy.

My hope is this word encourages and inspires you to ascend higher – get to know the Lord as intimately as He knows you.

This is your invitation to come up higher and spend time with Father God. Let Him show you how much you matter to Him and how much He loves you.

February 27, 2024

Today, while praying – I was immediately in Heaven. I found myself in a field and discovered I was running in a three-legged race with Jesus. I tripped, and we fell – but we got right back up and continued.

I noticed there were a lot of people there – many of them children. It was like a huge family gathering and everyone was laughing and having a good time.

We fell several more times and lost the race. But on the next one – I listened to Jesus. He said, “Keep in step with Me – learn My rhythm.” And He started counting, “One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two…”

On the one count, we stepped together with our legs that were in the sack. On the two count, we stepped together with our outer legs. We very quickly fell into a rhythm, and we went faster and faster – not falling once – and we won the race!

We both fell to the ground laughing, and I could hear people all around us cheering.

We got the sack off of our legs, and I laughed with joy when I saw a group of children pounce on Jesus. They all wanted His attention – and I watched with such peace in my heart as He walked with them back to the starting line.

I then noticed a woman standing near me. I stood up and greeted her. I immediately knew her to be Sarah – Abraham’s wife.

When you are in Heaven, you know everybody and each of them knows who you are, too.

She greeted me, and I was amazed. She had a yellow ribbon tied in her hair, and she looked young and beautiful.

We talked for a few minutes, and she told me some things about me and my family that amazed and encouraged me.

This was an encounter I didn’t expect. Sarah encouraged me greatly – it was something I didn’t even know I needed until after it happened. It was wonderful.

Jesus walked over and said, “Thank you, Sarah.”

He then took my hand, and I found myself standing near a beautiful waterfall. It was surrounded by tall trees and the scenery was beautiful. It was quiet; peaceful – and it took my breath away.

Jesus said, “This is one of My Father’s favorite places.”

I then saw God standing across from me. I ran into His arms. There is nothing that will ever compare to receiving a hug from Him. I felt safe, loved, and at home.

His robe was white with gold trim, and it was the softest material I have ever touched.

When I looked into His eyes, it took my breath away. There is so much love and depth, and they looked like fire – always changing and moving.

He took me to a large bench, and we sat down. I immediately knew what was on His heart, and it brought tears to my eyes.

He said, “My children don’t know Me as they should. I have so much more for them – yet they don’t seek Me as I want them to.

My heart’s desire is for them to know Me as intimately as I know them.

The love I have for each of them flows like a river. It is unending; it is constantly moving, and it is all encompassing.

I love them deeply. I want to share with each of them the things I love about them. I want to celebrate their victories and successes. I want to comfort them in their losses.

There are so many that do not know they can have this type of relationship with Me. The enemy has blinded them. He lies to them, and they believe what he tells them.

I give them free will to choose – and because so many are deceived, they choose incorrectly.

I want My children to know that I am coming to break the bondage of lies that are so deeply embedded in and around them.

They will soon see that they had a choice all along, and many will come to know Me. I am looking forward to this day.

To get to know Me – I ask for each of My children to ascend. Come up higher. Come to Me. I am above all the noise.

I will be here waiting.
I will teach you things you need to know.
I will show you how much I love you.
I will guide you.
I will answer your prayers.
I will show you things in Heaven.
I will help you find the rest you desperately need.

When you come up here, I will show you how to defeat the enemy of your soul.
I will teach you and show you what true love is.
I will tell you how much you matter.
I will tell you how important you are to Me.
I will tell you how special you are.
And I will tell you why I love you the way I do.

My children – you are so loved, yet many of you don’t understand this. It is hard for you to comprehend because you have never experienced it.

I am here!
Let Me love you!
Let Me into your heart!
Let Me heal it.
Let Me show you.
Let Me tell you that you are worthy of My love – you are worthy to be loved.

Come up here. That is My heart’s desire for you. Come up here and let Me teach you and show you.

As you come up higher, I will change your perception of the entire world. I will reveal the lies to you.

I want to see you thriving – full of joy and peace! And blessed above and beyond all you can ask or think!

I want you to know Me as I know you.
I love you with all that I am.”

He then said to me, “Tell them, daughter. Teach them. They are so deceived. Show them how to come up to Me. Tell them how much I love them.”

All I could say was, “Yes, Lord. I will tell them. I will teach them.”

When He walked away, I cried. I didn’t want to leave that secret place where I felt His love so strongly. The emotions that consumed me are more than I can put into words.

This encounter was different. I felt this one deeply. To God, coming up higher is not just about us getting instructions and revelation on what we are to do here on earth – it’s about relationship with Him.

He loves you so much, and He just wants to spend time with you. He wants to see you happy; joyful; full of peace and love. He doesn’t want you to suffer. He doesn’t want you to be sick. He doesn’t want you to be angry and frustrated. He doesn’t want you to be miserable and unhappy. He wants you to thrive. He wants you to bless others as He blesses you.

If you don’t believe that He loves you fully and completely – then you have been deceived by Satan who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy you. Satan doesn’t want you to know the love of God – so he works tirelessly to make sure he keeps you separated from your Creator.

When Father God finished speaking to me in that encounter, I felt the depth of His love. I felt the intensity of how much this means to Him. There was no question in my heart or mind that this is deeply on His heart. There was no question that this is important to Him.

God is inviting you to come up higher and get to know Him as He knows you.

There is no other love like the love He has for you. Seek Him; spend time with Him – it will change your life.

In His love,