February 21, 2024

This morning while sitting in my prayer corner, I was taken in the spirit, and I found myself standing in a forest that was on fire. There was fire and smoke all around me.

Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice crying out to the Lord, “Please help me, Jesus! Help me get out of here! I trust you. Help me!”

I saw her running and she had a child clutched in her arms – it looked like a little boy. She stopped for a moment, not sure which way she should go. She was scared and confused – and the fire seemed to be all around her.

I then saw her looking to her right. I saw two very tall angels standing closely together. They were beckoning her to come towards them. She couldn’t see or hear them, and I was amazed when she started calmly walking towards them.

She continued to pray as she walked. I could hear her voice calling out to Jesus.

Standing there watching her surrounded by fire and smoke was eerie. I could sense her fear – but as she continually called out to Jesus, a peace came over the area where she was walking.

I knew she had been trying to find her way out for a while. I knew she was confused because the smoke was overwhelming. And I knew she was scared – but her focus remained on Jesus as she prayed.

I looked at the angels and realized there was no fire or smoke where they were standing. As she reached them, she seemed to walk into or inside of them – and they all walked together. The angels guided them out of the forest – and neither she nor the child were harmed. It was amazing to see.

I then discovered that Jesus was standing next to me. He took my hand, and we went up above the forest. I could see the fire raging below and the smoke rose up high above the forest.

Jesus said, “Her faith in Me protected and saved her. She was lost, but I guided her to safety. She was scared, but I calmed her fears. She was confused, but I gave her peace. And she was able to keep moving forward until she was out of harm’s way.

In the days ahead, My children will need to have faith in Me. There are things that are going to take place that many will not understand – but I will be there in the chaos, the turmoil, the fire, and the storm. I will be with you.

Do you have faith? Even faith as small as a mustard seed?

Come to Me – let Me water it, and we will watch your faith grow.

Your faith in Me will carry you out of harm’s way.
Your faith in Me will protect you when destruction is near.
Your faith in Me will give you peace in the middle of the storm.
Your faith in Me will encourage others around you, and it will help them tremendously.

I need you to have faith. I need you to trust in Me.

I am with you every step and every breath you take. I am in you, and you are in Me – and together we will have victory over the enemy.

Do you have faith? Do you trust Me? For I see and I know all the enemy’s plans.

When you are in the middle of chaos – call on My name, and I will be there.

It is your faith in Me that will carry you to safety. I see it. I see your faith – remember – I know you well, and you will not be forgotten.”

Luke 17:19 – “Then he said to him, ‘Rise and go; your faith has made you well.’”

“No matter what you see in the coming days and months, I ask you to hold onto your faith. Stay close to Me, and I will protect you.

The enemy is looking; he is roaring, and he wants to devour and destroy everything in his path. But he cannot touch any of My children. Stay close to Me, and he will not harm you.

It is your faith that I see.
It is your faith that brings Me so much joy.
It is your faith that the enemy despises.
It is your faith that will carry you through the difficult times and seasons.
It is your faith that protects you, guides you, and blesses you.

Stand on it! Trust in Me!

My child – in the most difficult circumstances – all you need is FAITH in Me – I will do the rest.

So, I ask once again, ‘Do you have faith?’”

Thank You, Jesus!

Say it with me:

“YES, LORD – I HAVE FAITH IN YOU! I trust in You. I know You are my Protector, and I know You will remove me out of harm’s way! Help me, Jesus! I need you! We all need you. Help us, Jesus!”

Nothing is too hard for our Savior. He will protect you in the raging storm. He will guide you out of a burning forest. He will not allow any harm to come to you – as long as you have faith in Him.

If you are in a place right now where you can see no way out, all you have to do is call on Jesus. Tell Him you have faith, believe it in your heart – and watch what the Lord does to bring you up and out of the chaos and disaster that is all around you.

I don’t know what we are going to encounter in the days ahead, but I know who I can count on to deliver us safely from any plans the enemy has to harm us! There is no reason to fear any of it – just simply have faith and trust in Jesus – our eternal Savior. He has promised that our best days are ahead.

Our God is good; all the time, He is good!

God loves you; He cherishes you – and He will absolutely protect you and your loved ones. All you need is faith, and He will do the rest.

In His love,