February 12, 2024

Today, in the spirit – I saw what looked like giant layers of darkness fall to the earth – one after another. I could feel the heaviness of these layers. It was dense and dark – and the atmosphere felt suffocating.

I watched as the first layer of darkness fell over an area, then another layer fell – and another. I felt trapped, frozen in fear while standing there. I was confused and anxious. Everywhere I looked – darkness – layer after layer. The light around me seemed to go dimmer and dimmer as each layer fell. It was fading fast.

That was enough for me! I cried, “Jesus! Where are you?”

I heard, “Here. I’m right here.” I looked and saw Him walking to me. I immediately felt peace.

I had all these questions forming in my mind, but I knew He wanted me to continue to watch.

I looked again, noticing more details this time. There were words dimly etched into each layer of darkness. I saw the word FEAR etched into the first layer. The next one had LIES in big letters, and I noticed there were smaller words weaved through it, also.

I watched as each layer had different words such as: UGLY. STUPID. DUMB. IDIOT. NOT ENOUGH. STRANGE. EMPTY. DIFFERENT. WEAK. WORTHLESS. POOR.

Another layer came with the word FEAR on it again.
Another layer – SEXUAL ADDICTION
SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN (I saw this word repeated multiple times and it was etched in almost every layer I saw.) The pressure I felt every time I saw this word was intense.
FEAR again.
FEAR again.

It went on and on. Thick, black, dark layers just continued to come down – the weight was unbearable.

I could see people walking around, and they each had a natural light within them. I was amazed at this.

Each time a layer of darkness fell, the light in them started fading. With some, these layers of darkness affected them more deeply than others. The light within them never completely went out, but for the ones struggling, it was barely a flicker.

Understanding started to flood my spirit. I had knowledge that Satan is bombarding us with his weapons of destruction. As one layer of darkness fell, it didn’t even completely settle before another heavy layer of his weaponry fell again. Some people didn’t even take a full breath before another layer of darkness fell on them.

Satan is relentless.

I also noticed in these layers of darkness, there were many demons ready to pounce onto the people below. It was difficult to watch.

I wanted to help them. I wanted to shout, “No! Look up! You are being attacked! Don’t listen to his lies! Don’t fall into his trap!” But I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear me.

I noticed some people fighting; they fought against the darkness – and I cheered when I saw the light inside them begin to shine brighter.

But the enemy noticed it, and he bombarded them again with more layers of darkness. It was a constant battle of light versus darkness.

Then I began to see some people looking up. I don’t know how they could see past the thick layers of darkness, but I could clearly see the joy on their faces. The light within them began to shine brighter, and the layers of darkness over them were removed!

They began to rise above it – keeping their eyes up – no longer distracted by the darkness below.

Joy exploded in the atmosphere as these precious ones rose up above the darkness.

My heart filled with such joy because I know they are now a part of God’s Ekklesia – His remnant here on earth. Praise the Lord!

I suddenly knew that this is what is happening all around our world! And as more and more people are finding the Lord and discovering His TRUTH, the less intimidating the darkness seems to be. We are finding our way through the darkness – we are looking up to our Savior, and I know our deliverance is coming!

Hallelujah! I was astonished; amazed; THANKFUL!

I looked at Jesus, and He said, “The layers of darkness covering the earth are thick and heavy – full of the enemy’s plans of destruction. But My army of angels, along with My remnant are coming at the darkness from all sides. We will not lose.

I am removing each layer for all the world to see what Satan has been doing.

As each layer of darkness is removed, the light within each one of My children begins to burn brighter.

The lies are being revealed. I am making way for TRUTH. My truth cannot be denied for it is absolute.

My children – continue to fight your enemy. Don’t listen to his lies. If you are not sure it if is a lie, come to Me and ask. I will tell you the truth. Keep asking Me until you have peace within you – until you know and understand the TRUTH deep within you.

It is time to look up. It is time for us to move forward in TRUTH which leads to freedom and victory.

It is time to peel the layers of darkness away so you can experience your full potential – so the light within you can shine brightly, and you may live a life of peace, love, joy, and abundant blessings.

The lies from the enemy are meant to cause division – to pit you against one another. His lies are meant to destroy you.

But I say, ‘NO MORE!’

No more lies. No more division. No more disunity. This is not how I meant for you to live.

And you will soon know and see this – for I have chosen this generation for the Great Awakening to see the enemy for who he really is. The great deceiver. The destroyer!

He will stop at nothing to kill and destroy everything I have created.

My children – look up! Come up here and together we will destroy the layers of darkness. The light that lives within you is Me – and as long as you stay close to Me, your light will shine brightly, pushing the darkness away, and I will not allow the enemy to harm you.

You are Mine! My chosen ones! You have a purpose. Your life matters. You are precious to Me!

Break through the layers of darkness. Look up! I am here. I will guide you. I will show you the way.

Do you need strength? Ask Me.
Do you need a miracle? Ask Me.

Come up higher! Come to Me. Let Me show you a better way.

I will remove the layers of darkness and you will be able to see clearly for the first time in your life. You will know TRUTH, and it will set you free!”

Yes, Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You, Father!

I feel the darkness encroaching sometimes. I feel the ugliness, the hatred, the heaviness, and the pressure from the enemy. And I know if I don’t have my eyes UP focused on the Lord, Satan will drag me back into the darkness.

It’s a battle that I’ve been through many times, and one that I am not willing to go back to. My eyes and my focus are on Jesus because He loves me like no other.

We are fighting a battle that is way bigger than us – but the Lord is with us. He is our Light; our Guide; our Savior – look up, and you will find Him.

I want to say the weight of those dark layers of evil that felt like thick blankets was unbearable. It was heavy and hot, It was uncomfortable and frustrating. For a few moments I felt fear and anxiety, and it was hard to breathe. But when I called out to Jesus, He immediately came on the scene, and everything changed. Thank You, Jesus.

I’ve been in that dark place many times, and I never want to go back to it. If I found a way out, you can, too. His name is Jesus, and He will pull you out of the deepest, darkest pit.

Put your trust in Him, and He will pull you up and out of the darkness. He will remove those layers that are wrapped around you the instant you call on Him.

Romans 10:13 – “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

I encourage you today to seek the Lord. Come up higher. He wants to show you how to rise and stay above the darkness. All you need to do is call on the name of Jesus.

In His love,