January 14, 2024

While praying this morning I found myself in Heaven with Jesus. Before me I saw what looked like a long, giant water slide. I watched as a sled came down this water slide. Someone was standing up in it, and they were laughing with so much joy.

As it came down, it landed perfectly in a lagoon of water, and it slid all the way across the lagoon or small lake – stopping close to the water’s edge.

Heaven is so much fun – and Jesus always delights in showing me many different things there.

I talked with Jesus for a few moments about different things going on in my life, and I love the wisdom of His answers to the questions I have. It is always so profound.

And during our conversation, the sleds continued to come down the giant slide, and I could hear joyous laughter all around me.

I asked Jesus what He had to say about the father of lies, and once again – He answered me with so much wisdom.

He said, “Satan chose to reject My Father – sealing his fate for all of eternity. And when he rejected My Father, he also rejected Me. When he chose this, he was cast down to earth, and he no longer enjoys the privileges he had as one of My Father’s angels.

He is now void of love and truth, peace and joy. He is full of hate and lies – and because Satan knows how much My Father loves His children that He created – Satan wants to destroy all of them.

He lies to manipulate. He lies to distort. He lies to destroy everything God created.

Because he no longer has TRUTH in him, he vows to kill, steal, and destroy everything We create.

The enemy has knowledge of the things in My Kingdom, and he has an entire army that works to keep this knowledge away from man.

This is a battle he will lose, for many are seeking Kingdom knowledge, and We are answering them in a mighty way.

Satan uses lies to alter or change what is really happening. He uses the media to spread these lies. He instills fear – causing a ripple effect that leads to anxiety and depression.

He doesn’t want you to experience the peace of God. He doesn’t want you to live in freedom – but instead wants you to live in bondage to him.

He wants control of everything on earth – only to defy Us.

There is no limit to the lies he tells. There is no limit to the pain and hurt he causes My children. He will stop at nothing to destroy everything We love.

The lies he whispers to you are vicious and hateful. The lies are meant to deter you from what We have for you.

If you could see what he is doing to you – you would absolutely have nothing to do with it – for it is evil.

He tells you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough.

He tells you people don’t like you. He causes people to be jealous of you by whispering lies into their ears – and this causes division among you.

The lies instill fear, hatred, rage, division, sickness, death, and so much more.

He starts wars with his lies. He breaks up families. He destroys governments and nations – all from the lies he whispers.

It starts with one man and spreads like wildfire. Nothing good ever comes from a lie.

He has deeply infiltrated My church, and so many are caught up in false doctrine.

The web of lies began with Adam and Eve in the garden, and it has grown exponentially in ways that will astound you.

But the enemy will not have his way much longer – for TRUTH is coming – it cannot be denied.

The lies will be exposed – all the evil will be exposed.

There is nothing to fear – you need only to place your trust and faith in Me, and together We will bring you out of bondage and into freedom.

Draw close to Me, and I will guide and instruct you. There is no need to fear, for I am always here.”

Thank You, Jesus, for your wisdom. Thank You for letting us know that You will take care of our enemy. All we need to do is put our faith and trust in You.

The lies that the enemy has spoken have caused great harm to all of mankind. And a lot of blame has been placed on God because of these lies – but our God cannot lie. (Numbers 23:19)

The devil tries to tell us the opposite, but once again, it is all lies. And we will see many more lies exposed over this coming year that will be difficult to hear.

It’s time for us to face these lies and cut them off. It’s time for us to take back what the enemy has stolen from us. This is the year that we will find out what the enemy has been doing.

It is our year to take a stand together – to trust in God and let Him guide us, so we will know what we need to change for our future – for our children and grandchildren.

No matter what happens – my faith and trust are in Jesus. I know He will see us through the storm, and we will experience freedom like never before. Amen!

In His love,