November 8, 2023

When I was praying this morning, I was taken into the spirit, and I heard the word, “SUDDENLY!” It was said with such force. I saw nothing but darkness all around me, and as I was standing there, the darkness SUDDENLY turned to light! I was standing in glorious light!

This was repeated several times. I was standing in darkness and SUDDENLY there was light! I knew the Lord was showing me this was definitely going to happen. It is not a maybe – this will happen, and very soon.

Then SUDDENLY, Jesus was standing next to me.

He said, “Many people are asking when – ‘when will this end? When will we know the truth? When will the enemy be stopped? How much longer must we wait? How much more can we endure?’

I hear your prayers. I hear your requests and the many questions you have. I see your tears as you cry. I hear the anguish in your voice. I know this is hard.

I want to assure you We are working. We are moving all around you. We are dismantling the enemy. We are untangling the web he has created all around the world.”

I then saw a giant ball of string – it was HUGE, and it was a completely tangled mess. There were angels working to untangle this giant mess one string at a time. Every time they pulled on a string to untangle, more strings came up with it – more tangles they had to carefully unravel.

I knew the Lord was showing me this to help us understand it goes deep – the web the enemy has weaved is deep. We must allow the Lord to do what He needs to do to completely untangle and eradicate this giant mess – if we don’t get all of it, we will have to deal with this again and again until it is completely destroyed – down to the very root.

Jesus continued, “We are digging up the roots he has planted deep into the earth.

We are destroying the evil strongholds and principalities that are deeply entwined into many different things that you never thought could be compromised – but it has.

Many more exposures are coming – EXPECT IT!

Hear Me today!

A day is coming when SUDDENLY dark will turn to light!

A day is coming when SUDDENLY the enemy will be defeated!

We are coming to shut ALL of his evil plans down! I have called for destruction for all the ones that have partnered with him. There will be no escape – no place for them to hide.

It is only a matter of time – and the day will soon arrive when SUDDENLY, My light will shine and uncover every evil thing.

SUDDENLY darkness will turn to LIGHT!

Today, I want to encourage each one of My children:

I hear you!
I see you!
I love you!

Know that We are working – all of Heaven and My remnant on earth are working. If you know Me, you are My remnant.

Keep praying – We are working.
Keep seeking – I will give you wisdom.
Keep interceding – My angels are working. I hear your prayers, and I send them by the thousands.
Keep hoping – I see your faith. SUDDENLY you will have VICTORY!
Keep standing – I am building your strength.
Keep fighting – this will end. We are so close!
Keep trusting in Me – I will be with you through every part of this fight we are in – I will never leave your side!

And no matter what – keep moving forward! Your opposition hates it. The enemy wants to stop you, and when he sees you getting up and continuing in this fight – it angers him. Keep pushing through.

Your SUDDENLY is coming – and when it does, We will ALL celebrate together!

Your SUDDENLY, your VICTORY, your FREEDOM is almost here!

Keep moving forward –

From darkness to light – SUDDENLY you will see Me like never before.

I am with you always!”

Praise the Lord! I so needed this today! I am one of the many that are asking, “How much longer, Lord?”

I am so ready for all of it to be exposed so we can begin to move forward in new ways – without the enemy dragging us down in everything we do!

This was such confirmation that God is digging ALL of the evil up. He will expose ALL of it! We will get there. God is working. He is with us! He and His angels are all around us! Amen!

I encourage you today – keep praying, keep seeking, keep interceding, keep hoping, standing, and fighting. Keep trusting in the Lord – and keep moving forward!

I can’t wait for the day when SUDDENLY darkness turns to light! Yes – it will happen!

In his love,