October 24, 2023

While praying this morning, I was taken in the spirit – and I saw a home under construction. The concrete slab was already laid – and even though I don’t know much about construction, I knew this foundation was solid – stable – unmovable.

The frame and structure of the home began to go up, and everything was exact – no mistakes in the measurements.

The construction workers were surrounded by many angels that were guiding them while they worked.

As I watched this home come together, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s in the details.”

I have spent enough time with the Holy Spirit to know this statement was profound.

Once the frame was completed, the insulation and sheet rock started going up. Again – each measurement was perfect – every nail was placed perfectly.

This house was being made with love. I could feel it all around me.

Once the walls and ceiling were up, the brick around the home was added – one at a time – with precise perfection.

Then the interior began to change. The doors, molding, and trim were added – then came cabinets and countertops, sinks and showers, flooring and tile, paint – then appliances. I watched as cabinet handles and doorknobs were all placed perfectly. There were no mistakes.

Every single thing came together perfectly – there were no details left out.

The angels were full of joy as they helped guide and instruct the construction workers and designers building this home.

It was a project that God was very involved in. Every single detail was coming from Him. It was so well organized – so beautiful to watch how perfectly it all came together.

When the house was complete – I cried as I watched everyone involved admire their handiwork – including the angels. They were a huge part of the building process – and all of the details that went into it.

It was a team effort, and it was perfect.

I then saw God standing nearby. He was satisfied with the outcome of this beautiful home.

He looked directly at me and asked, “What do you think?”

I immediately responded, “It’s beautiful – it’s perfect!”

He said, “Yes, it is. When we work together in harmony, everything comes together perfectly.

I showed you this to help you understand what is taking place all around you.

We are rebuilding – and everything that we are building will come together perfectly. Every detail is guided by My hand.

We are dismantling the enemy and rebuilding all that was lost – together.

My children are working with Me and My angels to rebuild My church and many other things.

We are building a strong foundation. This foundation will accommodate the frame and structure. My angels are working alongside you. There will be no detail left out of every part of this rebuilding.

It’s in the details that I will teach you, I will show you, I will guide you.
It’s in the details that you will learn new things that will serve you well.
It’s in these details that we will destroy the enemy – together.

I am a God of perfection. Each one of you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:13-14)

Every detail about you is cherished by Me. Every one of you has been called for higher things. I have all of the details. All you need to do is ask Me – and I will answer.

Yes, it’s in the details – for we have been working to destroy your enemy.

For many, it doesn’t seem like it – but as My Ecclesia continues to seek Me, I am giving them instructions. I am giving them details on what they must do to defeat the enemy.

And I can assure you – there will be no details left out.

The victory that is coming will be perfect. There will be no flaws in the destruction of your enemy.

We have already begun the dismantling process – as well as rebuilding. We are intently working on a strong foundation to build upon.

There is no reason to fear – instead I encourage you to have hope!

The beauty and perfection that is coming is unstoppable.

It’s all in the details – and you, My children, are in every part of the details.

Hold on – Freedom is coming!”

Wow! This vision spoke volumes to me! What the Lord showed me in the building process of this home is similar to what He is doing for us right now – on a much bigger and higher scale!

It will be built on a strong foundation – solid, stable, unmovable. Praise God!

His angels are guiding and teaching us for the things to come. This is in preparation for the rebuilding that is soon to take place. This rebuilding consists of more than just our homes – He is tearing down what the enemy built, and we will rebuild every single part of our society – our governments, families, education, media, economy, religion, and arts and entertainment. These are the seven mountains of influence that affect the entirety of our society.

It will be rebuilt in unity and with love. I am so thankful for ALL that the Lord is doing. I am thankful that we don’t have to fear all of the propaganda that is all over the news and social media.

God has every detail covered with His perfection.

All we have to do is turn off the noise and seek our Father – it is there that He will give us the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is there that He will encourage each of us that He has a plan and we are not to fear anything or anyone.

It’s all in the details – and we, His children, are in every part of the details.

In His love,