October 4, 2023

The Lord never fails to encourage us to look to Him – to trust in His plan, for He knows all things. He sees all things – and He knows everything the enemy is planning or plotting. He is good – so good!

Today, while praying and waiting on the Lord, I was taken in the spirit, and I could see a maze below me. There were many people in this giant maze looking for a way out.

I could see that many of these people were beginning to panic because everywhere they went was a dead end. This maze was massive, and I could see the confusion on their faces.

From above, I could clearly see the way out, and I wanted to shout, “This way!” But I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear me.

That maze reminded me of what we are dealing with all around the world right now. We can’t find our way out of this mess. It just seems to get worse and worse, and so many people are confused.

This spiritual battle we are in is difficult to maneuver through in the natural. We can’t see what is just on the other side – or even what is right in front of us. The struggle is real, and it is frustrating.

Our enemy is all around us – and he is not going to let up. He’s not going to stop until we STOP him!

And even though it doesn’t seem like we have the power to do this, I can assure you – we do! We have power and authority through Jesus. All we have to do is ask for His help, and He will answer.

As I watched the people below me struggle to find their way out of the maze, I began to pray – and as I prayed, I was excited to see angels begin to gather around the people. One by one, each person began to find their way out.

The enemy continued to cause confusion, chaos, and fear. I could see his demons at work, too. So, I continued to pray, and I watched as even more angels came onto the scene. What a blessing!

The angels guided the ones that were lost. They stayed with each person until they were completely out of the maze. I could see the relief and joy on each person’s face when they exited the maze. The fear and confusion were gone – and it was replaced with peace.

That is where we are at right now – it feels as if we are in this giant maze, and there doesn’t seem to be a way out. But – let me assure you that we will come out. There are many people praying all around the world. God’s angels are everywhere – working to help us get out of this maze. There are so many good things happening, but it’s difficult to see because we are stuck in the maze.

I then heard the Lord speak. He said, “There is no place on earth that I cannot find and rescue you. If you call out to Me, I will answer. When others pray for you, I will come.

You are My child, and I will protect you. When you think there is no possible way out – call on My name, and I will guide you out.

When you feel alone – call on My name, and I will surround you. I will hold you close – and together, we will conquer and overcome whatever it is that is troubling you.

Do not lose hope in the storm. Do not cower in fear – for I am with you.

I know the time you are currently living in is difficult. I know many things seem hopeless. I see the tears. I hear the cries. I know you are desperate for answers.

If you seek Me when you feel like you can’t make it another day, another hour, another minute – I will bring My peace into your heart and mind. I will rescue you from your thoughts – the ones telling you that you are not strong enough or smart enough; the ones telling you to give up because you are not worth it and no one cares; the ones telling you that you don’t matter to anyone.

I will rescue you from the torture of your enemy – and I will assure you that you do matter.

You are not lost in a maze with no way out. You are not lost in the wilderness with no escape. I know exactly where you are.

When you call on My name, I will bring you up and out! We will soar together to new heights. You will know My peace – a peace that surpasses your understanding. I will be with you. (Philippians 4:7)

I ask you not to fear in the coming days and months. I am shaking things loose. I am poking the bear. I am stirring the hornets’ nest.

I am coming after your enemy – and in this shaking, he will fight back. He will bring fear in new WAYS and in new WAVES.

I am telling you these things not only to prepare you, but also to instruct you.

DO NOT FEAR the stirrings. Do not fear the many things that you will see and hear – for I am the one doing these things to shake the enemy loose from ALL the things he has a hold of.

I will break ALL the holds he has on My children. I will break off the principalities and strongholds. You will see My hand in all these stirrings and shakings.

Do not fear any of it. These things must take place for the changes that are coming.

Trust that I am in the midst of the chaos and the storm – and when it is time, I will command – PEACE. BE STILL! And I will guide you up and out!

I have said this before – your best days are ahead. Trust in Me.

Call on My name, and I will answer.”

Thank You, Lord! We trust in You! Hallelujah!

Our God never fails to encourage us when we need it. There is just so much crazy chaos going on around us. There is crazy chatter, crazy news – things are just crazy!

That is why it is so important for each of us to have an intimate relationship with God – because no matter what is going on around us – He will give us His peace. He will guide us through the chaos, and we will not be harmed by any of what the enemy is planning.

Stay close to Him. Trust and have faith in our Father. He will guide us up and out – no matter where we are or what we are doing – we can trust that our Father knows exactly where we are.

And one more reminder – DO NOT FEAR anything in the coming days and months – God has all of it under control. Amen!

In His love,