September 26, 2023

Today, while worshipping the Lord, I heard the word “convergence.” I wrote it down and waited. The Holy Spirit said it again. I waited another moment, and He said it again.

I looked up the meaning of convergence and I found a couple of definitions that I want to share. The first one is from Merriam-Webster. It states that “convergence is the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.”

The other one is from – “Convergence is when two or more things come together to form a new whole.”

Both of these definitions apply to what the Holy Spirit was showing me. I sat for a while thinking about these definitions, and I began to piece together what the Holy Spirit was saying.

We have entered a time of convergence. It is a crucial time; a refining time; a time that will lead to unity that we never thought would happen. But here we are, and although things will get worse before they get better – we will come out of this better than we were before, and that is saying a lot.

God is doing a mighty work in His church. It is time to throw out the evil that has infiltrated our churches. It is time to unite – a time to converge with God.

God is also doing a mighty work in people’s hearts all around the world. Many of us are experiencing this – it is the Great Awakening. It continues to grow – people continue to awaken to what the enemy has been doing, which is deceiving us – harming, controlling, and trying to kill us.

But again – God is working. For the ones that believe in Him but do not seek them with their whole hearts, and also the ones that have the hardest of hearts and do not believe – God is moving. He is answering prayers. He is working mightily to show them the TRUTH.

Even though it will be hard and painful, we must seek and know the TRUTH – God’s TRUTH – because it will set us free. So many will be shocked when they discover how deep the lies go – but it will be worth it. The shock, betrayal, pain, and so much more that we will feel when we finally know everything will be hard – but the fighting we are doing now, the stand we are taking now will be worth it.

The Great Awakening is leading us to Convergence, which will lead us to Unity – then Freedom.

The Lord is showing us things – revealing so much of what the enemy has been doing, and it is changing our hearts and our mindset. So many people are questioning what is going on – and the simple answer is – it is God, our Creator. He is allowing us to see what the enemy is doing. We the people – want the truth. We are asking – God is answering.

He is helping us put all the puzzle pieces together so we can see the full picture – convergence.

This convergence is making us stronger and wiser. It is uniting us. Things will continue to advance – we will continue forward in this until it is time for ALL of it to be revealed.

God has a plan that will lead us to victory – we must trust in Him.

As I continued to pray and worship the Lord, revelation after revelation poured into me. I am so thankful for all the people praying around the world. God sees, and He hears all of our prayers. He is going to answer them in ways we will not be able to comprehend – but that is who our God is.

I continued to pray, and I saw dust swirling all around me. It was thick, and I couldn’t see anything other than the swirling dust. I didn’t know which way to turn, and I felt lost.

I heard Jesus say, “Come here.” His voice immediately silenced all my fears.

I looked but couldn’t see Him – so I turned towards the sound of His voice. I heard Him speak again, “Come. I am here.”

I walked closer, and the dust began to clear. I saw Him standing there with His hand reaching towards me. I placed my hand in His and walked with Him.

We walked to the edge of a cliff and when I looked down, all I could see was thick, heavy dust swirling all around. At first, I couldn’t see anything but the dust, but eventually it began to settle, and I could see a city below.

I was amazed because I could see angels everywhere. It looked as if they were helping to calm the many people that were walking around in confusion.

I watched in awe as person after person was completely transformed after the angels ministered to them. The confused look on their faces turned to a look of peace and understanding – and these people began to help others around them. It was wonderful!

I heard “convergence” again.

This went on until the entire city was united in peace and understanding.

Jesus said, “Do you see it? Do you see what is happening?” I could hear the excitement in His voice.

I said, “Yes, Lord. I see!”

He said, “The enemy is causing so much confusion and chaos. He is frantically stirring up the dust for he knows I am at work, and he is trying to stop My plans by causing even more chaos and confusion. He will not succeed.

And he is not the only one stirring up the dust. My army of angels are working amongst you. Everywhere the enemy is working, My angels are there – and My remnant, My children are praying and interceding.

Yes, the dust is swirling – and you see and feel the chaos and confusion all around you – but I am working. I am there – and the dust will eventually settle.

I am at work – putting a stop to the enemy’s plans. I am at work in My church, and I am at work changing and turning the hearts of the lost and confused towards Me.

I will bring clarity. I will bring peace. I will bring hope.

Convergence – I am working mightily on your behalf. Do you see it? Can you feel it?

Everything will begin to make sense as I continue to work around you.

Continue to seek Me. Continue to pray. We will not stop until all the evil is exposed.

You will see people begin to come together in unity – people you never thought would do such a thing. But I am working…

Convergence. Unity. Victory. It is coming. Will you trust in Me?”

Yes! God has good plans for us!

Jeremiah 29:11 – “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’”

Our Father and His angels are working alongside us. We continue to pray and seek His help in this war against the enemy – the most difficult war we have ever been in because we are fighting a spiritual battle – something we can’t see with our eyes.

We cannot win this war without God and His army of angels. We can’t see what He sees – it is so important for us to trust in Him. He knows ALL things – we simply do not, but He will guide is – He is guiding us!

The Heavens are open – we can seek Him and His wisdom and revelation. He is inviting us to go deeper into our relationship with Him – it is there that we will find what we are looking for. Amen!

If you feel lost or confused – seek Jesus. Listen for His voice – even if you can’t see Him, follow His voice – and He will guide you to safety. He will direct your path.

And as we continue to move forward in this fight against our enemy, things will get more chaotic – it might even seem like we will not win against Satan. But I have good news – we do win. God has promised it – He has promised us victory – and He will do what He has promised.

Convergence – look for it all around you. God is working – people’s hearts are turning towards Him. We are moving towards unity, and it will change the world. Expect it!

In His love,