August 6, 2023

As I sat and waited on the Lord this morning, I felt different. The Lord has been preparing me for this encounter, yet what I experienced was not what I expected.

In the spirit, I was standing upright – but the rest of the world was upside down. I saw trees, buildings, water, and people. All were beneath me, and all of it was upside down.

I couldn’t walk. I was afraid I would fall into this upside-down world beneath me. So, I stood there and waited.

Feelings of trepidation poured over me.

The definition of trepidation is “a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.”

I felt sick with fear and dread. It was a knowing deep in my gut that bad things are happening all around our world.

Other encounters I have had with the Lord came to my mind – many different things He has shown me about the enemy and his evil plans. It was sickening, and I felt it deeply.

I then felt my spirit lift up, and it hovered from above over the upside-down world. The Holy Spirit let me FEEL the trepidation and fear that many of God’s children are experiencing all around the world.

Many of us are very aware that evil, horrible things are being done in secret by our enemy, while others know something isn’t right – but they don’t know who is doing it or what they can do about it. And then there are the ones that simply don’t care. They ignore all of the signs and are just living life totally engulfed in sin. Woe unto these ones – for they will suffer unless they repent. I felt all of this in my spirit.

I want to say here that the fear and trepidation I felt during this encounter sickened me so much that I knew I would die from it if Jesus wasn’t with me. He kept saying, “I am with you. I am right here.” It’s the only reason I could withstand it.

What the enemy has planned for us is horrible. Plain and simple – he wants to kill us. And he has devised many different ways to do this – some slowly, and others swiftly.

I want to elaborate more on this, but the Holy Spirit warned me that this isn’t the time. I will hold onto this information until the Lord allows it to be released.

After I experienced this, I was suddenly standing back on the ground – with the upside-down world beneath me again.

My hands opened – palm up, and I felt a tingling, burning sensation in them. My feet felt deeply planted, and I felt strength flow from my feet all the way to the top of my head.

I felt like I could crush metal with my hands – power – so much power flowed through my body. I knew it was from the Lord God Almighty.

Part of me was terrified of the power I felt, but the rest of me knew it was from God. While standing there, the feelings of fear and trepidation melted away.

God is preparing us. He is overjoyed at the response of His remnant here on earth. We will do mighty things for Him, and He will release His supernatural power through those that are willing.

God tells us we are to rule and reign over every living thing on the earth. We are to fill the earth and subdue it.

Genesis 1:28, “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’”

We have the power and the authority to do these things. All we have to do is ask Him how, and He will show us.

I heard the Lord speak, “With your hands – you will touch My children, and they will be healed, delivered, and set free.

With your feet, you will trample on the enemy with every step you take. He will flee in seven directions at just the sound of your footsteps.

With your mouth, you will speak My words that will scatter demons – they will shriek when you speak, and they will run.

With your eyes – you will look upon the enemy, and he will see Me – and once again he will flee, for he is no match for Me.

For the ones I have called – you know who you are in Me. Your greatest days are ahead.

Be encouraged. Do not fear the inevitable fight that is coming with your enemy. For the enemy must be stopped. The truth about the things he has been doing must be revealed.

To understand what he has been doing, you must know Me and know My Word. You will then know the reasons why he is doing these things.

I have said before that the world has been turned upside down. You have allowed the enemy to do this.

I will soon turn the world back – right side up. Many truths need to be revealed for this to happen.

Today I want you to know this will happen very soon. Do not believe everything you see and hear – for it is not of Me.

If you want to be a part of what I am doing, seek Me. Come to Me, and I will reveal great and mighty things to you. I will not withhold secrets from the ones that seek Me with their whole heart.

Unity is what is needed – unity is what is coming next. For my children continue to awaken – and this unity will soon explode all around the earth.

This nonsense from the enemy will not be tolerated much longer – for My children have had enough!

You will see – and you will know.

I do not speak to My prophets to bring fear – but to encourage My children.

TRUTH is coming.
VICTORY is coming.
FREEDOM is coming.


The vision ended, and I was stunned! It was powerful, and it left me feeling strong and unstoppable. Nothing is impossible with God! He will guide us through the storm.

He has been preparing many of His children for the changes that are coming. I am excited, and I can’t wait to witness what God is about to do!

God is on the move – He sees all that the enemy is doing. Nothing will stop the victory that is coming.

When the day finally comes when all of the lies are finally revealed, God will need His remnant to be ready for the many that will come to know Him. It will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before – and it will be suddenly. It will come upon us quickly.

I am grateful for a God that loves and protects us so completely. His compassion and His mercy are endless.

Again – He asks us not to fear, and He asks each of us to come to Him for revelation. You are loved by your Creator – and He values you so much. I encourage you to spend time with Him. He wants to share intimate details with you about your life – and about what is going on around our world. You will be so blessed.

In His love,