July 28, 2023

While waiting on the Lord today, I was taken to Heaven – and I found myself standing on a path with tall grass all around me. Jesus was standing next to me.

We had a wonderful conversation about many different changes coming in my life. He encouraged me greatly, and I definitely needed it.

He then said, “Come up higher.”

I knew He wanted to show me something – so, up we went. When I looked below, I could see the path that we were originally on. It looked different from up above. I could see details that I couldn’t see while standing on it.

I then realized I was standing on another path – but up higher with Jesus. Both paths looked similar, but I could see more details on the path below me.

Jesus was smiling at me. He knew I was processing everything I was seeing and when I understood it – He laughed at the look on my face.

“You understand?” He asked.

I said, “Yes! You asked me to come up higher so I can view things in Your perspective – because
I have Your guidance and direction from up here.”

He was still smiling. “Yes. I ask this of all My children. When you operate from below, you can get so easily distracted from all that is going on around you.

You only see what is right in front of you. Up here – with Me – I will show you the full picture.

I ask that you come up higher so you may operate with a different perspective.

Up here, there is no chaos or confusion. There are no distractions. There is only Me – and I will guide you.

In the natural, you are on the path below – but as you draw close to Me, I bring you up higher. Your spirit knows to reach for Me. It knows to seek Me in all that you do. So, when you first wake up each day – train yourself to focus on Me. Set your face like a flint towards Me. And as you come up higher, I will show you the obstacles that are in your way.

I will sometimes guide you around them – or sometimes I will guide you through them. But no matter what – we will get through it together.

Come up higher. Let me show you things from My perspective. It will change your life.”

I can absolutely attest to that – coming up higher with Jesus has definitely changed my life. He has guided and instructed me on so many things. He has given me revelation on things to come. He has shown me obstacles on my path and has helped me maneuver through them. He cares about every single detail!

He said, “As we continue in this New Era, you must come up higher – for it is up here that you will receive your instructions on how to proceed as we move forward.

If you are facing a difficult decision – come up higher.
If you are confused – come up higher.
If you are depressed – come up higher.
If you are lonely; if you are unsure of what to do next – come up higher.

I am calling you up higher. I am inviting you to come up to Me – for it is in this place that you will find what you are seeking.

I have placed this desire in you. Seek Me so I may show you what you need to do.

A new thing – new heights – a new perspective – I have placed this within many of My children.

If you want to know more – come up higher and I will show you.”

Revelation 4:1 – “After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven.
And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.’”

There is no doubt that Jesus wants us to come up higher and spend time with Him. He loves you so much, and He wants to reveal things to you about your life. With all that is happening around our world, He is preparing us for what He is about to do.

Isaiah 55:9 – “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

Trust in God. He knows things that you do not.

Change is coming. The Lord has spoken this to many different prophets. We have entered into a New Era – a Kingdom Era. In the days ahead, we will witness things that no one has ever seen before.

Some of it will be ugly – when many TRUTHS are finally revealed. But praise God – some of it will be glorious! God will deliver us from this evil – and we will experience FREEDOM like never before. We have so much to look forward to. We have hope!

Many will come to know Jesus, and that is something to get excited about!

Because magnificent changes are coming, we cannot do things the way we used to. We must get our intel from up above. We must go higher! Jesus is inviting us to COME UP HIGHER! He wants to show us things that we cannot see here in the natural.

So, I encourage you to answer His call. Spend time with Him – get away from the chaos and confusion. Let Him tell you what you need to do. Let Him show you what obstacles are in front of you. Let Him teach you a better way to do the things you were called to do.

He will bless you in ways that you did not expect!

In His love,