July 17, 2023

I was taken in the Spirit, and I saw many tunnels – some large, some small – but all with activity. Many looked as if something was about to burst out of them.

The Holy Spirit told me these are things in the Spirit that are about to be birthed in the natural. It then made perfect sense to me. It reminded me of a birthing canal.

So many tunnels – or canals – so many new ideas forthcoming.

As I looked into each one of these tunnels, I could see electronic devices, engineering tools and ideas, healing items, farming equipment, movies, books, songs, and so much more. Some things I saw, I couldn’t even come up with a name for them because I’ve never seen anything like it before.

There was also a tunnel filled with truth and knowledge! Oh, my goodness! I can’t wait for these things to be birthed in the natural!

But there was one tunnel that really got me. It was full of people – and as I looked as far back as I could see in this tunnel, there were even more people. Every time I got to the end of what I could see – more people were there. It never stopped.

The Holy Spirit told me this was the tunnel that was waiting to be birthed for the Billion Soul Harvest that is coming. (Look up Bob Jones Billion Soul Harvest Prophecy.) This tunnel was bursting at the seams!

It was the biggest tunnel/canal, and it was fully pregnant with people. The Lord already has all of them named – the ones that will come to know Him when this is birthed.

It was wonderful to see. I was honored to be shown this in the spirit.

The ideas that are coming – the healings, the knowledge, the truths – are all going to be life-changing. Pioneering in this new season will be such a wonderful gift from our God.

The Lord said, “Are you ready for what’s coming?”

I replied, “Yes!”

He said, “Some of these things I have already placed in the hearts of My chosen pioneers. Some are close to birthing what I have placed in them, and some are still making way for what I placed in them.

I know many of you are wondering why you are still waiting. It is in the waiting that your hearts are being fully prepared for the journey ahead.

For I have said that My children have never gone this way before – you have never been where we are headed. There is much preparation that needs to take place deep within you, and within the spirit before it can be released in the natural.

For many of you, we are almost there. The dam will burst in the spirit – it will flood your hearts and minds, and it will then come forth in the natural.

Continue to seek Me for I have much to reveal to you about the days ahead.

There are many things that will soon be released in the natural that will change everything you thought you knew.

This is the season you are in – one of preparation for the new that is coming and for the truths that are coming.

You were born for such a time as this. Get ready for the birth of many things.

My pioneers – I will be with you every step of the way. I will not leave your side, for I trust your hearts – they are in tune with My Father’s heart.

We are full of joy – for great days are just ahead. Let your hearts be filled with expectation of the birthing that will soon take place in the natural.

Fill your hearts with joy and peace – for VICTORY IS COMING!”

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord for He is good!

There are MANY new things that are about to be birthed here on earth. Things that the Lord has been preparing us for – and it feels right! It feels like it’s time. That’s because the Holy Spirit is asking us to be ready, to keep seeking the Lord for wisdom.

Our greatest days are ahead – a time of preparation as His bride, for Jesus will soon return.

Are you ready for what’s coming?

I say YES and AMEN!

In His love,