June 18, 2023

While sitting and waiting on the Lord today, I was taken in the spirit to a desert, and I found myself standing before the largest metal doors I have ever seen. It was a building but looked more like a giant vault.

While standing there, I immediately knew evil was behind those metal doors.

I felt sick. I couldn’t move, and I had trouble breathing. The evil I felt overwhelmed my entire being. I could barely stand in its presence.

I knew whatever was behind those doors was meant to destroy all of mankind.

I kept hearing the word “secrets” repeated over and over again.

The definition of secret is “something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.” I definitely felt that while standing there. No one outside of this building was meant to know what was taking place there.

Feelings of fear, alarm, death, wickedness, and so much more began washing over me. I thought I was going to die just by standing near it.

I suddenly felt Jesus next to me. He said, “I’m here. I’m always near.”

The overwhelming feelings of fear and death evaporated into the air. I felt safe and protected.

I was then able to really take a look at my surroundings. There was no sign of life near this building – no trees, no flowers or bushes, no animals or insects – nothing but sand, heat, and this huge building that looked like a giant vault. There were no signs on the outside of the building – nothing to explain what this building was. It was barren.

Jesus directed my attention up, and I could see these ugly demons sitting on top of the building. They were hissing and screeching at the sight of Jesus.

He could have easily dismissed them, but I knew He wanted to show me this evil was here.

Even with Jesus next to me, I felt the evil deep in my gut – and I knew if He wasn’t there, the evil presence there would have killed me.

While standing there, the Holy Spirit revealed many things to me.

The secrets that are withheld inside this large building are more than many of us can comprehend. These secrets are vile, disgusting, evil, heart-breaking, and life changing. When what is taking place in this building is finally revealed – when the truth of what they have been doing in secret finally comes out – life as we now know it will completely change.

The Holy Spirit also revealed that the enemy has not even released all of his evil plans yet. They are for another time. We are only dealing with some of it.

The enemy wants to protect the secrets that are in this building at all costs. Many have already been destroyed for revealing some of these secrets.

I felt sick from the weightiness of this knowledge. My spirit groaned in rebellion. It is hard to believe that something this evil exists – but I felt it. I knew it deep down.

I asked the Lord, “Are you taking me in there?”

With everything in me, I did not want to go into that building.

He said, “No. This is not for My children to enter – it would destroy them.

The secrets that are in this building will be revealed. The enemy’s plans will be revealed, and everything within this building and all that is beneath it will be destroyed.”

It was revealed to me that this building was larger than what I could see before me. It went way down in the depths of earth. As this was revealed to me, it was disheartening to realize that so much evil was being done without our knowledge.

The Lord said, “The secrets behind this building are meant to harm you, but I will turn it around for your good. For I will not allow what has been spoken behind these walls to take place.”

Romans 8:28 – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

God always has a plan.

The Lord said, “Their plans will fall. They will crumble – just as this building and any others like it will crumble at My command.”

I was so encouraged by His words. And even more so when I looked up in the sky and I could see an entire army of angels with horses and chariots of fire all lined up – ready to destroy the enemy at the Lord’s command.

What a comfort that was to me as I was standing in the presence of such evil!

Many will be shocked when the truth is finally revealed – it will be difficult to hear and see how close we, and many other countries, have come to being destroyed from within by people we are supposed to trust.

The Lord said, “Freedom, unity, peace, love, and joy – it is coming. Everything is in place for the victory that is coming.

Rejoice! There will never be a day like the one you will soon experience. It will be a glorious day. Do not fear – but rejoice!”

I never know what to expect when the Lord takes me into the spirit with Him. This experience was difficult because of how I felt when standing in front of that building. It was awful.

I knew the Lord wanted me to see it so I could expose the enemy. The enemy is planning many horrible and atrocious things. I knew the Lord wanted me to know that the evil that is being exposed is worse than some of the things we’ve heard or thought in our minds – it is much worse.

But more than that – I knew the Lord wanted me to know that He knows ALL of it, and while He was standing with me, there was not an ounce of concern or fear on His face. He was full of peace.

The Lord has continually spoken to me and other prophets that He will reveal what the enemy has been doing very soon. We will finally know, and we will experience unity, freedom, and victory like we never have before.

The Lord and His army are prepared for the victory that is coming.

Thank You, Father for continuing to give us revelation on what to expect. We fight with You, Lord! We stand with You!

And Father – we are so ready for all of the TRUTH to be revealed – for Your glory!

In His love,