June 14, 2023

In my prayer time today, I was taken in the spirit, and I found myself standing next to Jesus. I saw Him take earth into His hands. He cradled it for a moment.

I then heard the Lord say, “Watch! For the earth groans; My creation groans because of the evil that resides there. I will shake the earth until it spews out every evil thing. Watch and see!”

Jesus opened His hands, and He shook the earth. I could see deep into the depths of the earth as He did this. What He is doing in the spirit will come forth in the natural.

I saw a large volcano – I could see deep down into the depths of this volcano. I saw the lava flowing up, up, up, and it spewed out of the top.

I could see deep into the oceans. The shaking affected the deepest part of the oceans – changing everything under the surface. God is shaking everything loose.

I heard the Lord speak, “Anything that is not deeply rooted in Me will be shaken. Everything that is evil, every person that is evil will be shaken loose. From the deepest part of the earth – all of it will be shaken loose.”

I continued to watch as people scattered in fear of this shaking.

The Lord said, “There will no longer be any place to hide, for I am commanding it to come forth. You will continue to see story after story in your media of strange things happening. This is because I am commanding all evil to come into My light! I am calling it forth!

My remnant will lead the way – for they have had enough! Many will join them in rebellion against this evil.

The earth will continue to groan and shake as it cries out to Me for deliverance. For it is not just My children crying out to Me – it is all of My creation.

The beauty of what I created will no longer be tainted by the enemy. A cleansing wind is coming. It is My command that all of earth be cleansed.”

I could see buildings shaking, trees shaking, and mountains shaking at the Lord’s words. Everything responded to His voice.

All of earth is done with what the enemy has been doing.

Even the rocks and the dirt were shaking at the sound of the Lord’s voice. It was magnificent to watch!

I could feel the Lord’s anger. It was powerful – and nothing could stand against it. For those that don’t know Him will encounter His wrath – but He will extend His grace and mercy – for He wants none to perish.

The Lord said, “Watch and see what takes place as I continue to shift things. It will not be pleasant as it all comes forth – for the enemy will not give up without a fight – but he will lose.

My children – I see the determination in you to keep pushing back against the enemy. I am in this fight with you. I am all around you. It brings Me so much joy to see your faith and your trust in Me.

I will not fail you.

In some ways, it may seem like the enemy is winning, but I assure you – he is not.

My glory is coming – and everything will change.

Hold tight to Me, and you will not be harmed.

My strength, I give you. My protection is yours – as well as My love and My peace.

I am the Lord, your God – WATCH and SEE what I do in the days ahead.”

There is no doubt in my mind or my heart that God is the creator of ALL things. After what I witnessed, it is laughable to me that Satan thinks he can win any battle with his own Creator.

Jesus held the entirety of earth in the palm of His hand. He is bigger than ALL of this evil that we are contending with. He fights with us – and even through our sin, He still loves us.

The moment I saw Jesus cradle the earth in His hands, peace flooded my entire being. Words are not enough to describe the feelings that overcame me.

We are going to be okay. We will win this fight. God is going to deliver us from all that the enemy meant to harm us.

Only God can do this – no person or thing can take us where we are headed. Only God. And when this happens, another prophecy will be fulfilled – the Billion Soul Harvest (Bob Jones) will flood all throughout the earth. Many people will come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Then the Bride of Jesus will begin to prepare itself for His return.

In His love,