June 8, 2023

While sitting and waiting on the Lord this morning, I was taken high up into the Heavens. As I looked below, I could see earth. I looked over at Jesus, wondering what He was about to show me.

He pointed towards earth, and I could see this thread reaching all the way from earth to Heaven. I felt the power coming from this thread.

Jesus said, “The thread of hope. It is growing. The hope of My children is growing and extending.”

I watched in awe. I could FEEL the hope. It was strong – unmovable. It brought me to my knees, and it took my breath away. The hope of the people on earth below has shifted, and it is growing like never before.

This thread went through the second Heaven where the chaos of evil resides, and it was not broken – it was not torn or frayed. This thread of hope remains strong as it continues to Heaven. The hope that is gathering on earth is unmovable; unshakeable – and it will only grow stronger in the days ahead.

In all of my experiences in Heaven – this is the one I felt the strongest. Hope is defined as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” I knew many were now questioning what has really been going on, and God is giving them signs. This feeling of expectation and hope is them knowing that God is going to do something big.

I cannot express enough how much this means to God. He has been waiting for this shift – for our eyes to turn to Him – and it will only get bigger. This feeling of hope will only grow stronger. I am overjoyed and ecstatic at how wonderful this feels. Hope is alive and well!

The Lord said, “Do you see how strong it is? My people – their hearts are turning. They see the evil that is being revealed.

The lies of the enemy are coming forth. Many are questioning what they used to believe and why they believed it.

It caused their hope to be deferred because they didn’t believe I was here – that I have always been here. The hope of My remnant is returning.”

Proverbs 13:12 – “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”

The Lord said, “This angers the enemy of your soul. Don’t let his wrath turn you away from hope.

As this thread of hope grows larger – and as it continues into the Heavens, We will continue to shine light into the darkest areas where the enemy thrives. He cannot stay there. At My command, he has to move. He has to reveal himself, and he will not be able to stand in My light.

He will crumble and fall, and his lies will be revealed. You will see the hardest of hearts turn away from evil and return to Me.

Deliverance is coming in like a tidal wave. It will wash over My children.

Salvation will come. You will see, and you will experience many things in the days ahead.

It is My hand moving. It is My command that all of these things be revealed.

Listen to My prophets! I am speaking to many right now. I am revealing what will take place.

Do not fear it – embrace it.

For these things must take place in preparation for My return.

I am coming back for My perfect bride, and much needs to change for My return.

In the days ahead, many things will change. You will have victory over the evil that currently has control of all mountains of influence.

In this, you will rejoice. I will teach you many things during this New Era.

Trust in Me. Have faith in Me. For I know the plans I have for you – and they will not harm you if you put your trust and your faith in Me.”

Jeremiah 29:33 – “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.’”

The Lord continues, “Listen to My Prophets! For they have endured much to speak My words to you!

The Awakening continues; the revealing of evil continues. ALL will be exposed – and you will know MY TRUTH – and it will set you free.

Hope will continue to build. In Heaven, we rejoice as hope arises.

You have My remnant on earth, My army, and all of Heaven on your side.


The enemy will be taken down. He thought he could change My timetable – and I laugh at his schemes. He will lose, and My children will see him for who he truly is – the deceiver, the destroyer.

I am the God of all creation. I see, and I know all of his evil plans.

My children – I am at work. I hear your prayers. Trust in Me.

Victory is coming – it cannot be stopped, for I have set it in motion.

I see your hope – and I am coming to show you that I am here. I have always been here – and I love you.”

Wow! God is so good! Hope is alive – Hope is strong! Our combined hope is reaching all the way to Heaven, and God is moving on our behalf as He sees our hope rise up!

We must stand in unity together – we must stand on faith together! We will see victory, and all the praise and honor go to our Heavenly Father – who knows all and sees all things. Nothing will stop what He has set in motion.

Let your hope continue to build – you will see the mighty hand of God continue to move in the coming days – for He is here – He is always here.

In His love,