May 28, 2023

Conversations with Jesus are one of my favorite things to do! When I sit and wait on the Lord – praising and worshipping Him, I never know what to expect – but I know that it will aways be good.

Every time I sit with Him, He always encourages me to ask others to do the same. He WANTS to spend time with each one of us. He loves us so, so much. And today was no different. He is so personal – He knows how to make me laugh, and He knows all of my burdens – and He loves me through all of it.

If any of you want to know more about how I learned to do this – please let me know in the comments below. I would love to share all that I have learned and how it has completely changed my life. I would love to help anyone start their own journey in spending intimate time with the Lord, so you can share your own stories of your time with Jesus.

Today, I was honored to spend time in Heaven with Jesus – the Carpenter.

I was taken to an area in Heaven that was clearly very precious to Jesus. There were other people there, too – all working on building or making something.

As I walked with Jesus, He pointed out different things to me. There were large bins filled with water – some had wood soaking in them. I discovered that soaking wood makes it pliable and easy to bend.

I saw large chunks of wood and lumber stacked high. I saw people talking, cutting, sanding, and etching different pieces of wood that I knew would be beautiful when complete.

Jesus took me to a table that He was working on. He picked up a sanding tool and began to sand the top of it – making it smooth. The table was long and wide.

He said, “I am making this for someone who loves to entertain. Many will sit at this table conversing and laughing together. This brings Me joy – knowing they will sit together around this table.”

My heart was full. I could see the heart of Jesus as He tenderly sanded this table to perfection.

I looked around me and took in the peace and love I felt while sitting there. The others that were working were full of joy and laughter. It was such a wonderful feeling.

Jesus brought me a chair to sit on. I knew He had made it, and I felt honored to sit on something He had made.

He continued sanding and asked, “How are you?” I knew He already knew the answer, but He wanted to hear it from me.

I said, “Good. I rested more this week, and I feel better.” I have a hard time resting, and He knows this about me. We have had many conversations about it.

He said, “Yes, you did. I want you to continue to make that a priority.”

I was amazed at how focused He was on what He was doing. He sanded and then would blow on it to remove the pieces. He would then lean down to inspect it closely.

The smell of wood was strong, and I breathed it in. I never want to forget how it felt being there – or how it smelled. It was wonderful.

He pulled up another chair and sat next to me. “What do you want to talk about today?” Jesus asked.

“What to expect next.” I immediately replied.

He said, “The uncovering of all the evil will continue until it is all exposed. There is much going on in the spiritual that is affecting the natural in a mighty way. Continue to expect the unexpected – for much will come out during this time.

We are on a mission that cannot and will not be stopped.

You will see more and more of the evil exposed in your current administration of government. It will continue to bubble forth and it will affect the entire world.

This bubbling will continue until it boils over and the rest that has been hidden from all of you will come bursting out.

When that happens – the enemy will know that he has once again been defeated.

Once ALL is revealed – then we move forward in this New Era. Then we will rebuild and restructure all that the enemy had control of.

This includes My church – My bride. I am looking forward to this day.”

I asked, “What can we expect when this happens?”

He answered with a big smile, “Everything! Victory! Celebration! Joy! Peace! Unity! Love! All things will be made new! The old ways will no longer be viable.

My Father and I will guide and teach you. So many new ideas will be released. It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.”

Excitement grew within me. I said, “It will be wonderful! I can’t wait!”

Jesus said, “Yes. It will be! I can’t wait to welcome the many that will come to know Me in the coming days. All of Heaven will rejoice. Exciting times are just ahead.”

I said, “Thank You, Jesus. Thank You for showing me this special place where You make things. Thank You for encouraging us with Your words!”

He replied, “I am here. I am always here. Tell them I will talk to them just as I am speaking to you. All they need to do is come and spend time with Me. I am always here.”

And then I was back in my prayer corner – in awe of what I just experienced.

He is good. I felt so honored that He took me to that special place in Heaven. I have seen and experienced some amazing things there – and I can’t wait to go back and see more!

He loves talking to us. He loves spending time with us. He wants to commune with us. He loves to laugh and joke. He wants to share His knowledge with us. He is and always will be our Teacher, our Friend, and our Family.

Today, He gave us more confirmation that the evil will continue to be exposed. But, once it is all out, then we can expect BIG changes to come. For now – we hold the line – we continue to pray and seek His guidance. Amen.

In His love,