May 18, 2023

While spending time with the Lord today, I saw in the spirit a dam bursting and raging waters came through – destroying everything in its path.

I could see the fear on people’s faces as they wondered how they would survive these raging waters that were bearing down on them fast and furiously. People were terrified – crying out to God to save them.

I looked above the raging waters, and I saw Jesus standing there with His arms outstretched. He waved His hand over the raging waters below, and all suddenly became still. Peace and calm immediately replaced the tumultuous waters.

It was such a sudden, drastic change to what we’ve been experiencing – and people were shocked and amazed at the peace and silence that was suddenly in front of them. I watched as they fell to the ground – worshipping God – for only God could do something like this.

I then heard the Lord say, “Things are not what they seem. What you see playing out before you is all part of My plan. This plan is to awaken My children to true evil that has previously been done in the dark. I am bringing it out into the light – and evil cannot stand in My light.

Things are not what they seem. What you are seeing and experiencing is the exposure of your enemy and all of his evil plans.

The ones that are playing a part in the enemy’s plans look like fools – and things will only get worse for them – unless they repent from their evil, wicked ways.

I want none of My children to perish! I am a God of mercy! I will forgive them up to their very last breath.

Things are not what they seem. As the evil is exposed, many are asking, ‘Where is God? Why is He allowing this?’

Many are saying, ‘God doesn’t love us. He doesn’t care about us. We are doomed!’

My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. My ways are higher than your ways.”

Isaiah 55:8-9 says, “’My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.’”

The Lord said, “Remember – I see all. I created all – and evil will not stand!

I have been waiting for a remnant strong enough to withstand the exposure of this evil – for they know what to do because of their deep intimacy with Me.

They have partnered with Me – and together we will have victory!

Things are not what they seem. I am allowing all the evil to be exposed for all of My children to see it for what it truly is – EVIL, DEATH, MISERY!”

I then saw Jesus standing up above with His arms outstretched again – and I watched as His hand waved over the raging waters below – and everything became still.

The Lord said, “With one wave of My hand, I can, and I will stop the raging waters below. I will deliver you from this evil.

But first – it must ALL be exposed – no more hiding in the darkness. All will be commanded to come out into the light – and together, we will destroy it and have victory!

Things are not what they seem. Trust in Me.

Rise UP My children – above the raging waters all across the earth! I will give you revelation, and together – we will overcome evil.


For the past month or so, the Lord continues to reveal that He is very present in the war of good versus evil that we are in. There is much going on in the spirit realm. It is very active right now. But many are questioning why isn’t God VISIBLY doing anything?

The answer is – He is! There are many things that He is working on that we simply do not know about – but He does. He is exposing ALL the evil. This causes the righteous to groan because we are shocked at all that is coming out right now. But God wants us to see what has been hidden from us for far too long. And as He said, this evil cannot stand in His light.

We simply must trust and have faith in our God. His ways are higher than our ways. He knows things that we do not. We will get there.

Hold on – keep praying. Keep standing. Keep fighting! The heat is turning up for a reason, but God will deliver us from it all.

And just a quick reminder – we win!

In His love,