Power, Authority, Wisdom, and Revelation

April 3, 2023

I saw the sky open up and thousands of angels descended on earth. As I stood there, they came rushing towards me – it was an awesome sight to behold.

They were in such unity – each of them with the same demeanor. They had one goal and that was – DESTROY THE ENEMY! They rushed past me with such determined looks on their faces.

The Holy Spirit said, “The Lord sends His angels in accordance with the prayers that His Ecclesia prays.”

I knew in my spirit – we are partners with God. We work together – in tandem – to destroy the enemy.

As I continued to watch in the spirit, I could see that the battle was fierce. I heard lots of screaming demons – they are not happy!

Then – all of a sudden – I saw the serpent hovering in front of me. He stopped and stared – making eye contact with me – not saying a word. I looked around, and I realized I wasn’t alone. Many other Christians were standing with me.

I knew in the spirit the serpent was saying, “I have my eye on all of you!” Then he suddenly disappeared.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit said, “Do not fear the serpent. You are My Holy ones – protected and sanctified for what is to come.”

I had no fear – I felt strength throughout my entire body. As I looked around me, I knew
everyone else felt the same way.

The Lord said, “I need you. Your voices in the coming days will be filled with My power, authority, wisdom, and revelation. You will be protected.”

Each one of us nodded in agreement. He wasn’t asking – He was telling us our assignment. He will provide everything we need – every word – every action. Revelation is coming.

His instructions were clear – we are to stand strong – together – for His glory.

The vision ended!

What a powerful, mighty God we serve! There is no stopping what He is about to do. God is positioning the ones He has called for this time; the ones that have been through the refining fire and come out stronger; the ones who have an awesome amount of faith in God; the ones that have drawn in close to Him and know His voice intimately.

We are His remnant – and He will guide and protect us through what comes next.

In His love,