March 21, 2023

Spring is here! And God is working mightily to move us forward in the New Era we have moved into – God’s Kingdom Age.

While sitting with the Lord this evening, I was taken into a vision, and I saw Cherry Blossoms all around me. There were rows and rows of them. I knew in my spirit that these blossoms had significant meaning.

I looked up the spiritual meaning of cherry blossoms and it says they “represent rebirth, renewal, new beginnings, and the start of spring. Cherry Blossoms are a symbolic flower of spring.”

I watched as many seeds fell to the ground. Again, I knew in my spirit that the Lord was saying that it is spring, and we must continue to plant so we may grow!

I then heard the word, “Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough!” The word was repeated over and over again. I felt excitement and joy!

I looked up the word breakthrough, and it means “a sudden increase in knowledge and understanding; a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.”

I asked the Holy Spirit what this meant. He said, “This breakthrough is coming in the Spirit. My Spirit is breaking through the ones that have been seeking Me with their whole heart.”

He then reminded me of a vision I had in 2021. Here is part of that word:

“All of a sudden, I was standing with Jesus, and I saw a translucent veil/curtain on my right side. I saw a young man standing on the other side of this flowing veil. He was pacing back and forth, and I sensed he was curious. Then I looked down, and I saw MANY people in front of him – kneeling in front of this veil – desperate to know God more intimately. As I was standing there, I then saw many more people surrounding this young man, and I knew they were also curious to know what was happening. I saw many, many people beyond the young man and the group of curious ones, and I knew they had no clue what was right in front of them. It was devastating to watch.

I was then made aware of what was to my left. As I looked to my left, I saw MANY angels with fire in their eyes. They were READY for what is coming. Determined. Unstoppable. I was overwhelmed with a KNOWING that God had prepared these angels for what is about to take place. The Holy Spirit let me know these angels are ready to go when God releases them.

I then was prompted to look back to my right. The Holy Spirit let me know they (the people on earth) are not ready for the unveiling – or what is coming.

For the ones that have an intimate relationship with God, the ones that He has refined in the fire, the ones that KNOW that something big is coming, the Lord says, “GET READY!”
There is a TEAM of angels assigned to each one of these chosen ones. Once the veil is lifted, and the angels are released from Heaven, these angels will release revelation to His chosen ones. The angels will PARTNER with God’s chosen ones, and for those that have been holding the line faithfully, they will suddenly KNOW what to do.”

If you would like to read the entire word, you can go to my website – The date for this vision and word is September 4, 2021.

As I stood among these beautiful Cherry Blossoms – watching the seeds fall to the ground, I knew God was saying it is time for My chosen ones to move forward. It is time to take a giant leap of faith and trust in what He is calling us to do.

I then heard the Lord say, “I have tested the hearts and minds of My faithful ones – the ones that have a deep desire to draw closer to Me.

NOW is the time for their BREAKTHROUGH! The things they have been contending for – the things I have been preparing them for – their breakthrough is coming NOW – for this season is about new things breaking through the ground that have been lovingly plowed with good intentions.

For the ones that have been waiting for their breakthrough – you are about to see My hand wipe away all that has been blocking your way.

You will suddenly know what to do. Your assignments will be made clear – there will be no doubt on which way you should go, for I am making it clear to you.

The enemy cannot stop you – for I have paved the way for you. Many people will be blessed by the things you will do in My name.

Those around you that have doubted you and questioned your faith, questioned why you have held steadfast to the vision I placed within you – they will step back in awe of what I am about to do through you – My faithful one.

I have only given glimpses of this vision to you – and yet you continued to plow the soil, knowing there was more. I am about to reveal the MORE to you – it will blow your mind.

I know how hard you have worked, how much you have prayed, how many tears you have shed. I know you have questioned what I placed in your heart time and time again – but NOW is the time for your BREAKTHROUGH. Now is the time for you to Blossom!

I am so pleased and so proud of you!

For what I have placed in you will kick the enemy in the teeth! He wanted to destroy you – but you stood, and you prayed, and you fought with your faith – and now you will see what I am going to do for you and through you!

In My Kingdom Era – where the old has gone and the new has come – for the ones that have been seeking Me – you are My pioneers. You will show the ones that will soon come to know Me the love I have for them. You will speak My truth to them. You will guide them in this New Era.

My pioneers – get ready for your BREAKTHROUGH! Get ready to be blessed mightily – for I will hold nothing back from you!

It will happen suddenly!

My heart is filled with joy, for I love blessing My children. Get ready!”

Oh, my goodness! Isn’t God just so good?

Thank You, Lord, for encouraging us when we need it! Thank You for answering our prayers and for letting us know that You see our hard work!

I pray that this encourages you as much as it encourages me! Have you been contending, standing, praying, and fighting?

Get ready – your BREAKTHROUGH is coming!

In His love,