March 2, 2023

While sitting with the Lord this morning, I kept seeing these huge white rings of clouds in the sky. I watched and wondered what they were. The Holy Spirit told me to wait. So, I did – and revelation began to come.

The finger of God was making a circular motion that formed these glory cloud rings that were full of His glory, and they were falling to the earth.

I watched in awe as these glory clouds drifted and fell on crowds of people. I watched as these people fell to the ground in worship of the Father.

These glory clouds were filled with His love – and no one – not one person could stand in it. They were all on their faces – worshipping.

Deliverance on so many levels were taking place. The demons could not stand in it, and I could see and hear them screaming as they escaped these clouds of glory.

People were healed and set free. They cried, they laughed, and they worshipped God.

I then heard the Lord speak. He said, “How far and how wide will My glory fall? How deep and how high will My glory saturate?

Are you ready for it? Have you prepared yourself for My glory?

For it is coming – and when it fully comes – it will be suddenly.

It will be a day that is remembered forever.

For the ones that fully receive what is coming with My glory, your life will be forever changed.

Many of you already have expectations in your heart. I am coming to not only meet those expectations, but I will exceed them mightily.

My children – this is not a time to be fearful – for I know ALL of the plans of the enemy. I know what you are seeing and hearing – do not believe the lies of the enemy!

He is foolish in thinking he will ever destroy what I have created. His days are numbered – and he knows it.

Do not be fearful – instead, look to Me. Come to Me. Trust in Me – for I will protect you from the enemy.

My angels are ready to fight for you – you only need to ask.

Do not limit Me by your thinking and the words you speak – for I am the God of impossible. What you think could never be done – those are lies from your enemy. Trust in Me. Ask Me, and you will see me flip what is impossible completely around. For all things are possible to those who believe.

I am not holding anything back from you – as many of you believe. You simply have not had faith, or you have not asked Me.

Partner with Me – quit listening to the lies the enemy is whispering to your mind. He deceives, and he destroys with his lies.

Seek My truth, and you will be healed. You will be delivered, and you will be set free.

It is your mind that the enemy comes after – for once you start believing his lies – the destruction begins.

My truth will set you free from your enemy – who only wants to destroy.

Many of you sense the changes that are coming. That is My Holy Spirit. I have sent Him to stir your hearts – for My glory is coming, and I want you to feel My love. I want to show you how much I love you.

Allow your hearts to be stirred. My Holy Spirit is preparing you for My glory. Expect good things – this is the opposite of what you are seeing and hearing.

For the ones that have ears to hear – I am coming to deliver you out of the hands of your enemy. My saints have prayed, and I the Lord your God, will do what I have promised through My prophets. Expect My glory to come in and completely turn the enemy’s plans to dust.

Deliverance and freedom are coming.

Will you be ready?”

Yes, Lord! I am so ready for Your glory to fall here on earth. Thank You, Father, for answering our prayers!

His love will pour out through His glory when it is released from Heaven. We will all be forever changed when it comes. It is humbling to think about how much our Father loves us. His love is everlasting; He loves us fully and completely – and we are about to experience it for ourselves.

Expect the unexpected! For the enemy would have us to believe there is no hope, and that we are doomed to the evil that is so prevalent all around us. But our God says believe the opposite – because He is coming to set us free! Amen!

In His love,