February 16, 2023

As I quieted all my thoughts this morning while waiting on the Lord, I suddenly saw a street with a bunch of houses. It looked like a normal neighborhood. I saw people on this street doing normal things – getting into their car, mowing their lawn, playing with their children. It seemed “normal.”

And just as I was about to question the Lord on why I was seeing this, I heard the word “conformity.”

The definition of conformity is “compliance with standards, rules, or laws.”

Then I heard the Lord speak, “What seems ‘normal’ to you is not how I meant for you to live. Conformity is ‘normal’ for you, and this ‘normal’ you live with every day comes with oppression.”

The definition of oppression is “the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control; mental pressure or distress.”

The Lord continues, “The ones that govern you want to take your freedom away. Many of the ones that deceive you are deceived by the enemy.”

The Holy Spirit reminded me of Romans 12:2: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by trusting you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

The Lord said, “The enemy goes around devouring everything in his path. Do not listen to his half-truths – for they are meant to harm you.

Being comfortable is where you are now. Many of you know things do not seem or feel right – but you are comfortable and do not want to change or step out of your comfort zone.


The feelings you have about things not being or feeling right are from My Holy Spirit.

We have entered a New Era of the Kingdom. And I am sending the Holy Spirit and My army of angels to stir up the ones that have conformed so easily to the evil ones wicked schemes.

This stirring will cause you to get uncomfortable. And I say – GET UNCOMFORTABLE! For where we are headed – conformity will be replaced with FREEDOM!

I will show you what true FREEDOM is!

For the ones that feel this stirring in their heart – allow it to take root. Do not fear getting uncomfortable – for what is coming is greater than the conformity you are living in now.

Come to Me. Ask Me about it. I will tell you what is to come. I will settle your heart and mind. You do not need to fear – for I will always be here.

Peace – Joy – Freedom like never before – that is what My glory is bringing.”

Yes, yes, yes, Lord! I feel like the Lord has been stretching us and preparing us for several years now to step out of our comfort zone! And yes, it is UNCOMFORTABLE! But we have to do it – we have to join God, His army of angels, and His Ecclesia here on earth to move us forward in this New Era. Amen!

He is with us in every step we take – and I am thankful for ALL that He is doing.

In His love,