February 6, 2023

I am simply in awe of God. He is just, He is merciful, He is loving, and He is kind. Nothing is too hard for Him. There is no problem He can’t solve. He loves us fiercely; deeply. And when He speaks, He is direct – and He means business!

I went to sit and wait on the Lord earlier this week, and I knew in My spirit God had something He wanted to say. It was powerful, and He got right to the point.

He said, “The enemy is getting bolder with his antics. He is showing off to the world. What used to be unacceptable is now acceptable.”

Isaiah 5:20 came to my mind, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Unfortunately, this is where we are at in our world – woe unto them.

God continues, “This is blasphemy! It is unholy, and I will not tolerate it!

They are making fools of themselves for the whole world to see – and I will turn the tables on them. They think they are fooling My children, but I will make them look like the fools they are!

They think they will get away with it – and that is only one of the many mistakes they will continue to make. For I, The Lord your God, will not allow their foolishness to continue.

Just as I shut the enemy down in the days of Noah, the days of My servant – Moses, Lot, and Daniel – I will shut them down again.

They will fear the wrath of their God – their Creator – and they will regret their actions – every single one of them – for none of them shall escape My wrath and punishment.

My children – do not play their games. Do not involve yourselves in their wickedness. The enemy laughs and scoffs at Me now – but I will destroy him – for he knows what I am capable of.

Do not let him fool you any longer. Come to Me – stay far away from him – for he will only destroy you and the ones you love.

A day is coming when he will no longer be able to hurt My children. A day is coming when I will reveal all that he has done to turn you away from Me. A day is coming when I will close the mouth of the dragon, and he will no longer spew his filthy lies.

Take no part in what he is trying to sell you – for it will only bring destruction and death – eternal death.

I am your God, and I will bring you out of this evil cesspool that you have been living in. My army of Light is coming to destroy the darkness.

I see your tears. I see your faith. I hear your desperate cries for deliverance.

Keep praying! Do not limit what I can do – for I am the God of the impossible, and I will take the enemy out.

I am your God who loves you with an everlasting love. I will never leave you nor forsake you!

I am here, and My glory is coming!”

Thank You, Father. I say YES and AMEN!

February 9, 2023

I went to sit with the Lord and as I sat there, I saw a playground full of slides of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Jesus was there, and He was playing with the children. There was so much joy and laughter!

He invited me to go down one of the large slides, and I didn’t hesitate. The joy of feeling like a child was wonderful and we had so much fun!

My thoughts turned to the word I received from the Lord earlier this week, and Jesus immediately picked up on it.

He said, “My children need to understand that the more the enemy comes out of hiding, the worse things will seem to get. He is going to show off because he wants to mock Me – but I will not be mocked.

His plans to kill, steal, and destroy My children are going to be turned back on him – and the ones that follow him will get back seven-fold what they are trying to do to My innocent ones. We will SHUT HIM DOWN in every way.

The traps have been set for the enemy and all that are against Me. As they continue to fall into these traps – one after another – they will see very quickly that they made the wrong choice.

And WOE unto the ones that have hurt My children – destruction is upon them. I will show them no mercy.

We are moving forward with our plan to deliver you from the evil one. Great things are coming.

There is no reason to fear. Trust in Me, and you will be protected from any harm.

My army of Light is here, and we will uncover every rock – for we know where the enemy hides. He cannot escape us.

Stay focused on Me. Don’t look at what the enemy is doing. He wants to distract you and lull you away from My protection.

Keep watch! Stay alert! For the enemy is after your soul and will lead you to eternal death.

Focus on Me, and I will guide you.

The enemy is terrified of My Ecclesia uniting as one – because together we are stronger. Don’t let the enemy separate you from Me. Stay close.

Together – we will have Victory!”

Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord! We are in this fight with you – because together, we are stronger. Amen!

We will get our deliverance, and it will be amazing.

In His love,