February 2, 2023

I had a powerful encounter with the Lord today. As I sat and waited on the Lord, I was taken high into the Heavens.

I saw Jesus in front of me. He called me to Him, and I found myself soaring on the back of an eagle once again – and I felt nothing but freedom! It was amazing!

I knew He wanted to show me something and when we came to a stop, it felt like I was floating. He said, “Watch and see.”

I looked and I saw darkness on my left and light on my right. They began to clash together, but the darkness could not stand against the light – and the light overtook the darkness!

I then saw the earth below. Jesus said, “Watch and see.”

I saw these boxes begin to drop towards the earth. They were in different shapes and sizes. I knew there was light inside of these boxes, and I knew the light inside was powerful. I could see the light shining inside.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “They are truth bombs.”

I watched as one after another floated down to earth in the Spirit realm.

As they began to land, they burst open, and this magnificent light shined in the darkest areas on earth. Again – the darkness was no match for the light that came from these “truth bombs.”

In some areas, there were giant boxes or “truth bombs” that fell from the sky. In other areas, there were multiple boxes of all sizes that continued to fall to the earth.

I looked back up, and the boxes kept coming – tens of thousands of them – and one by one, they would burst open, and a beautiful light came up and out of the box – wiping out the darkness wherever it landed.

I waited, and I watched – in awe of what I was witnessing.

I heard in the Spirit, “Prepare the way! Prepare the way! His glory is coming! His glory is coming!”

I knew in my Spirit that these “truth bombs” were being sent by God, and they were preparing the way for His glory to fall upon us here on earth. This humbled me, and I am just so grateful that He is coming to help deliver us from the hands of the enemy.

I was then back on earth and as I looked around me, everything felt different. The air was cleaner – fresher, and I took in several deep breaths. It was hard to see because the light from the “truth bombs” was so bright. But I felt freedom – it was a strong sense from deep within me. I just knew it – this was freedom from the enemy. Hallelujah!

I then heard Jesus say, “My light will overtake the darkness. There is no place the enemy can hide.

We are taking ground back; we are taking back what the enemy has stolen.

These truth bombs will decimate the enemy and all of his plans to destroy My children. These truth bombs are full of truths that have been hidden from you for many years. These truths will shock you; they will anger you; they will disturb you – but I will take away all of these things, and I will turn your mourning into dancing and your sorrow into joy.

The glory of the Lord will be celebrated this day, and it will be a day that you will never forget. You will be delivered from the hands of your enemies, and you will celebrate like never before.

What is coming cannot be stopped. A New Era is upon you. I have spoken this to My prophets – and so it shall be.

Do not fear it. My blessings will pour out, and many prodigals will return home.

My Ecclesia – continue to pray, stand, and fight. We are not finished yet. We are pushing the enemy back, and My army of Light will overtake the enemy of darkness.

Do not falter – continue to stand against the enemy of your soul, for he only wants to destroy you.

The enemy will experience My wrath. He will not win this battle, for I have heard the cries of My innocent ones. I have heard the cries of My righteous ones – and We are coming to destroy the evil one’s plans.

Take heart – your day of redemption is coming and together we will celebrate the defeat of the evil one.

Look to Me, come to Me, and I will show you what to do. I will guide you, and I will not allow you to falter.

Are you willing?”

Yes, Lord – I am willing to pray, to stand, and to fight alongside You to defeat our enemy!

I am so thankful that we have a God that loves us so completely. There is no detail that He leaves out. He knows, and He sees all things – and I know it is just a matter of time before we see the fruit of our prayers and all that He has been speaking to His prophets. Victory is coming!

May each one of us continue to pray, stand, and fight with Him so we may overcome and be victorious over our enemy! Are you with me?

In His love,