January 25, 2023

Wow. Sometimes when I sit and wait on the Lord, I can sense immediately that He has a serious matter on His heart. And that is what I prayed for – “Lord, what is on your heart today? What do You want to share with Your children?”

This was definitely one of those times.

I was taken into a vision, and I saw a long table in a basement. The Lord showed me that the people sitting around this table were plotting and planning to take more of our freedoms and rights away. A righteous anger rose up in me – I am so done with the enemy and all of his wicked, evil ways!

The Lord said, “They have come up with yet another evil plan, but I – the Lord God will shut it down.”

I was taken above the earth, and I saw into the second Heaven where the enemy dwells. There was much increased activity in this realm. There was an excited frenzy in the atmosphere.

I then grabbed my pen and journal and began to write.

The Lord said, “Remember – I see ALL that they are doing. I know ALL that they are doing. There is nowhere they can hide from Me. And I AM putting a STOP to it!

My Ecclesia, My intercessors, My prayer warriors – partner with Me to take the enemy down.

I want each of you to start praying for the state you live in – or if you live outside the United States, pray for your country – your region.

There are strongholds and principalities in every single state, country, and region. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what strongholds and principalities you are dealing with in your state, country, or region.

As you pray and ask, the Holy Spirit will reveal these things to you.

Pray for the strongholds and principalities to dissolve. Pray that they never return – kick them out! Pray for deliverance. Decree and declare My peace, My love, My joy to come in and replace the evil that is currently in place.

My Ecclesia, My intercessors, My prayer warriors – pray for these strongholds and principalities to be lifted off of My children – their homes, their businesses, their cities, state, country, or region.

My army of angels are waiting for their instructions. They are in place.

As you pray, I will send them out to defeat these strongholds and principalities one by one.

Together, we will defeat the enemy. You will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.

As these strongholds and principalities are taken down – I will send a fresh wind to every single area all over the earth. This wind will be a cleansing wind. It will be a refreshing wind.

No one will be able to escape this wind. It will wipe away the pain, the anger, the sickness and diseases that are caused by these strongholds and principalities.

And you will know this wind comes from the Lord, your God!

My children – I will not hold anything back in this New Era you are entering into.

Stand with Me and together we will do great and mighty things.

I am the Lord, your God – and I will surely do all that I have spoken.

My promises are true. My blessings will pour over you like honey – you will be saturated in it.

Seek Me, and I will show you. I will guide you in the way you should go. I will instruct you on what stronghold and principality to pray against. Nothing is too hard for Me!

Stand strong – and together we will be VICTORIOUS!”

Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank You, Father for sharing Your heart. You are good and You are mighty! We trust in You alone, Lord!

We say yes and amen! Yes, we will partner with you. We will pray over our state, country, and region. And we believe that your army of angels will defeat and take down every single one of these strongholds and principalities in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

We decree and declare that every stronghold and principality be taken down all around the earth – in Jesus’ name!

We are ready for your fresh, cleansing wind. And we THANK YOU, Father, that you have heard our prayers and our coming to deliver us from the evil that is here.

Isn’t God just so good?

Drop a comment below and tell me what state, country, or region you are praying for! I can’t wait!

I am praying for Texas (my home state) and England (where my husband was born).

In His love,