January 13, 2023

In my prayer time today, I found myself standing with Jesus in front of a large swimming area that had a beautiful waterfall. There were people of all ages swimming, and my heart felt so full because all I could feel was pure joy! It was beautiful.

Jesus was laughing – genuinely enjoying being there. One of the things I’ve noticed when I turn off the rest of the world and truly focus on nothing but Him is the peace, love, and joy that radiates from Him. When I am near Him, none of the things that weigh me down here on earth matter anymore. I just want to enjoy that feeling of peace – the insurmountable joy, and the love – it is amazing!

So, I took some time and just soaked in His presence. There are eight things that I strive for when I spend time with Him. They are guidance, rest, instruction, direction, wisdom, peace, strength, and sustenance. Once I feel I have all of those things, I can move forward with my day. And most of the time, I leave with even more than that – it’s just who He is! He is our Savior in every way, and He loves spending time with each one of us.

After spending precious time with Him, I picked up my pen and journal because He had a word to share with His children.

He said, “As darkness and evil continue to cover the earth – My light shines and it will overcome ALL of the darkness covering the earth.

The darkness and evil will not be able to escape My light – for it carries My glory. And with My glory comes peace, love, joy, and many wonderful things from Heaven.

The Day of Truth is almost upon you – and when this day comes, everything as you now know it will completely change. I have spoken that your world will be completely turned upside down. That is what many people will think – but I am coming to turn things right side up.

No one will be able to escape the Mighty changes that are coming.

There is no detail that will be left out. Division will turn to peace. Hate will turn to love. Sorrow will turn to joy. Prodigals will return home. Destruction will turn to rebuilding. Finances will be restored. Health will be restored. Government will be restored. Families will be restored. Hope will be restored…and so much more.

There is nothing too hard for Me. As I speak these words – so shall you decree and declare them.

Nothing will escape My notice.

A cleansing is taking place. The enemy knows this, and he is fighting against it – but he will NOT win.

My children – take heart – I am a God that will deliver every promise I have made.

You are experiencing the evil darkness like never before – it is surfacing like never before. He is no longer trying to hide himself because so many are accepting his evil ways – his lies. But I have heard the prayers of My righteous ones, and you will see My light, My glory wipe out every trace of darkness and evil.

Together – we will defeat the enemy.

I am with you. I hear you. I see you – and I love you. Nothing is too hard for me. Nothing and no one will be able to escape My wrath and My judgement. It is coming.

Hold on to Me. I am coming to deliver you out of this evil era.

Seek Me. Seek My light. VICTORY IS COMING!”

Thank You, Jesus! We will continue to pray and to stand on faith. We say yes to partnering with You so the enemy can be defeated! Guide us, Lord. Show us! We are so ready for Your LIGHT and Your GLORY to wipe out every trace of darkness and evil!

Hold on to Jesus…help is on the way!

In His love,