December 22, 2022

Unity is something the Lord has been speaking to me about for well over a decade. He has been making massive preparations for what is coming for a really long time. We are on the brink of it right now. We are so close!

The Lord wants us to understand what is coming. Things are about to change in a magnificent and mighty way. Things will be revealed to us that will shock many – but we finally know all that has been happening – and we will do things differently in this New Era.

As I was worshipping and praying, I saw a large house, and there was smoke coming from the chimney. I felt peace all around me – and I knew there was peace and joy in the family that lived in that house.

The Lord said, “Do you feel the unity and peace?”

“Yes.” I replied.

He said, “The reset has begun. I am resetting things in the Spirit that will manifest in the natural.

This reset that is taking place will bring My peace on earth. What the enemy did to harm My children will be swept away in this reset.

Unity will flood in, and there will be celebrations in homes and in the streets all around the world. My children will unite like never before.

Do you sense it? Do you feel it coming?

A tidal wave is coming in the Spirit – one that I am directing, and it will not be stopped!

In this New Year – this tidal wave will come in – bringing what My Ekklesia has been preparing, standing, and fighting for. Out with the old – in with the new!

Prepare yourselves for this New Era – for it will be unlike anything you have ever seen on earth before.

My glory will be seen and felt all around the world.

The evil ones that thought they were in control – every single one of them will be dealt with, and My justice will be served.

Once this is finished – things will be set right, and My blessings will flow.

You can’t see it yet, but UNITY – YES UNITY is coming! I am bringing fresh oil – a fresh anointing that has a wonderful fragrance that will never be forgotten. And with it comes my glory.

My children – I am with you.”

Such encouraging words! Thank You, Lord.

I want to share another word the Lord gave to me about unity. He spoke this word to me on November 13, 2022.

He said, “Unity is being ONE with ME. It is all of My children being ONE with ME. One heart – one mind – together – we flow and operate together as ONE.

It is My love flowing through you in harmony – where there is peace, love, and joy.”

The definition of harmony is “The just adaptation of parts to each other, in any system or composition of things, intended to form a connected whole; as the harmony of the universe.”

Harmony means all parts of us adapting together to form a connected whole – something beautiful.

Jesus continues, “Put away your old way of thinking – it is not from Me. I am bringing you into a New Era.

This unity – this oneness with Me will release a tidal wave of blessings that I have held back for this specific time and this specific remnant.

Your way of life has now changed. The old has gone – the new has come.

It has already been decreed – now declare it!

It is yours – these blessings are yours – for your children and grandchildren.

As you flow in unity with Me, I will show you many things. I will teach you new things.

My people; My children will flow together in unity. You will no longer be divided!

You will operate as ONE in ME – and from this place you will establish many NEW THINGS. You will conquer much!

You will stand strong in Me, and with Me you will accomplish MIGHTY things. The old has gone – the new has come.

Many will be astonished as these new things come flooding in. It is My love for you – these blessings that are coming.

You have fought! You have stood! Your faith is strong! You did not give up – even when you were so exhausted from the fight. You continued to stand and push through in this fight.

It is because of this that you will know this NEW UNITY – and you will do great things – together – in Me and through Me.

Joy unspeakable is coming. I am delighted in you – My children.

This new unity will be FELT all around the world – it cannot be denied. It will hit many like a crashing wave that will knock them off of their feet.

More and more will come to know Me in the coming days and months – adding to the unity of My children.

Yes – joy unspeakable is coming. Get ready to experience this unity as WE go into a New Era. An era that will change everything.

The old has gone – the new has come.

It is for you – My children – because I love you.”

This new year will bring in many good things that the Lord has been orchestrating for many years. It is a time for new things and a New Era (as He keeps saying to me.)

When God’s church is in unity with Him, peace reigns here on earth. When we are in disunity – chaos and division reign. UNITY is coming.

As you celebrate the birth of Jesus with your family and friends this weekend, remember to thank Him for all that He has brought us through and all that He is doing for us now. And thank Him for where we are headed – peace and unity – a new year and a New Era that will change life as we know it. I am thankful, and I am so ready!

Merry Christmas!

In His love,