From Awakening to Shaking Shifting to Sifting

December 15, 2022

As I sat with the Lord today, I was taken into a vision. I saw the entire world shifted onto its side. The shaking continues. Everything will be shaken – and only what is grounded wholeheartedly in God will remain. These are things that I knew in my spirit.

The ones that only halfheartedly believe in or live for God will also be shaken.

The world is tilted because God is about to completely flip it over and then turn it back right side up.

As the world was tilted on its side, I saw many fall into a giant sieve below.

Again – anything not completely grounded in the Lord, fell into this giant sieve.

The sieve began to shake, and the Holy Spirit said, “The sifting has begun.”

As the sifting was taking place, many repented and were lifted out of the sieve. I then saw one after another fall out of the sieve and into a giant pit. They have made their choice and will suffer eternally because of it.

Once there, I heard them begging for mercy – but it was too late. They will be judged according to their actions.

The ones grounded in the Lord welcomed the ones that repented with open arms – and joy broke out all around the world.

Freedom! Peace! Love! And Unity! All of these things were celebrated because of the deliverance of evil by God’s mighty hand!

I knew as I saw the world shifted on its side that God is not finished with removing all of the evil. The world will completely turn upside down in the spirit so ALL of the evil can be revealed and removed – then it will once again be turned right side up.

I then heard the Lord speak, “First is the Awakening – then the shaking. As the shaking continues, the strongholds of the enemy are loosening.

As the strongholds are loosening, things will begin shifting. This shifting will continue to uproot ALL the plans of the enemy, and they will fall into My hands. Then I will begin sifting through all of the ones who fall.

From awakening to shaking – then shifting to sifting – you will see My hand in all of it.

More and more truths are headed your way. The shaking is causing a huge shift in the evil one’s plans. He will NOT prevail. His defeat is imminent.

A huge victory is headed your way – the enemy will once again try to stop what I have commanded, but – like an avalanche coming down the mountain – it will be unstoppable.

All of these things are happening at once – the awakening and shaking continue daily.

The shifting and sifting are happening now.

I will continue to flip the entire world over until every principality and stronghold the enemy has placed there is completely removed.

Prepare for what is coming! Prepare your hearts and minds. Continue to pray, to stand, and to fight for your children and families. My army of angels are working alongside you to assist and answer your prayers.

The old has gone – the new has come. You are entering into a New Era – one that will completely change your way of life.

Come to Me and let Me show you that your best days are ahead.

Do not fear the shifting or the sifting – it is part of My plan to deliver you from the enemy’s plans. Hold fast to Me. I will guide you and your family.

Victory is coming!”

Thank You, Father! What an encouraging word!

God’s love for us is never ending. I love that He continues to assure us not to fear, but to keep praying, standing, and fighting. We are not in this alone – He is working with us – and all of it will soon come to an end.

The best part – we will be victorious! And joy is coming…praise God!

In His love,