December 8, 2022

I spent another wonderful evening with the Lord. He knew I was exhausted this evening, so we just sat together for a while – and I rested my head on His shoulder. I so enjoy His company.

He asked me, “What is it you want the most right now?”

I answered, “Rest. And to spend time with You.”

He laughed and said, “That was the right answer!”

He restores me. He doesn’t demand anything from me. He assures me that I am staying on the right path. In Him, I can rest, and I feel protected and cherished – I get nourishment and revelation – all while He talks and laughs with me. I always leave Him feeling so much better. He is so good!

As I sat with Him – He said, “Stumbling Blocks.”

I quickly looked up the meaning of stumbling blocks, and it means, “an obstacle to progress.”

I then grabbed my pen and journal waiting for Him to speak.

He said, “The stumbling blocks are being removed. The enemy has been impeding the progress of My church for far too long.

The stumbling blocks will be torn down and destroyed. They will no longer be tolerated by Me or My Ekklesia.

My church is moving forward into this New Era with a strength and fortification that they have never had before. They will be UNSTOPPABLE – and they will have ALL of Heaven’s armies backing them up.

These stumbling blocks that the enemy placed strategically – directly in your path – were to keep you from your purpose. The enemy doesn’t want you to be successful in what I have created you for, so he has placed many stumbling blocks in your path to distract you, deter you, and destroy you.

Distractions, fears, sin, sickness, and so much more have been keeping you away from living a life of freedom and living a happy, healthy life.

In this New Year, I am removing all of the stumbling blocks that have hindered your progress.


And you will know that I, the Lord God, have come to deliver you from the wicked, evil one that dares to come against Me and My children.

His days are numbered, and he knows his time is short.

My children – seek Me, seek My face. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you shall find Me.

I am never far away from you. I will protect you from the wicked one.

For the ones that feel like they have been blocked or stopped in their tracks everywhere they turn – you will see My hand swiftly move on your behalf to remove all obstacles and stumbling blocks the enemy has placed all around you.

Now is the time – this is your time to move forward in Me. No other time before has this ever been available to you. NOW it is available. NOW is your time.

Do not falter. Boldly walk with Me, and hand in hand we will conquer all the desires of your heart.

I am moving things for you. I am shifting things for you – just for you – and you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

It is time. I am removing the stumbling blocks, and I am pouring fresh revelation into you.

Walk in My favor – My anointing. It is for you because I love you.”

Isn’t God so good? This word is for anyone that feels they keep hitting that brick wall no matter how hard they try, or which direction they turn. The enemy has been keeping us behind those blocks, but God is removing all of it – so no matter what direction you turn, you will be FREE! Nothing will stop or hinder you – praise the Lord!

This New Year will bring in some exciting things – and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do. How about you?

In His love,

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