December 1, 2022

Even though the Christmas season is in full swing, the Lord wanted me to know that He is still moving at full speed with His plan to deliver us from this evil era we are living in.

I had a powerful encounter with the Lord today that I hope will encourage you as much as it did me. He has not forgotten about any of us, and His message today made that very clear.

Jesus said, “This month of December many will be celebrating My birth, but this will also be a month that strong winds will blow in.

Watch and listen for these strong winds will be in your news. These strong winds will begin toppling over things, and some of these things will surprise you.

It is more of My revealing and more uncovering of the harsh truths that have been hidden.

For some, these strong winds will take them by surprise, and others will rejoice as they see, hear, and experience it for themselves – because they will know that I am behind these strong winds.

This is just the beginning of unusual things to come.

For I am overturning every rock – every single thing that is hidden in the darkness will be overturned – and My light will shine upon it, and the darkness will flee or it will be destroyed.

Heed My words! Do not have anything to do with evil. If it doesn’t destroy you, I will! Take no part in it. Flee from it! For a day is coming that you will no longer have the chance to turn away from it.

Darkness cannot be where light is, and My light overtakes the darkness every single time. My children – you are MY LIGHT!

When you walk in a room, and My light is in you – the darkness flees – for what I have placed in you CANNOT be defeated!”

I was then taken into a vision. I was lifted high up above the earth. I saw the four winds come together – mightily, forcefully. These winds were being controlled by mighty angels.

I watched as these strong winds began to blow on earth. These winds destroyed everything in its path. These strong winds headed straight for the areas where demonic strongholds and principalities dwelled.

They ripped through buildings, and I saw statues topple over and crash to the ground. I saw windows blown out and as I continued to watch – entire buildings were swept away into dust.

I saw people trying to escape – but no one escaped. They were sucked up into the wind. These strong winds had a very specific path as the angels guided these winds from place to place.

As I stood there watching all of this take place, the Holy Spirit told me the Lord has a very specific plan for each part of the battle we are in. This is just one part of a much larger battle.

I then heard Jesus speak again, “Stand strong, for those that know Me will not be harmed. For those that do not know Me – they will be swept away when I release My command for these strong winds to come in and destroy the ones that have dared to come against Me.

These strong winds will not only destroy strongholds, but they will also sweep out and cleanse the evil, and there will be no trace of it ever being there.

This evil cannot, and it will not stand against My Father’s Kingdom.

Do not fear it. It is necessary. It is vital for My children to move forward in the days ahead.

Rejoice when you see and hear this happening – for your deliverance draws closer – bringing My glory with it.”

As I stood there in awe of what I witnessed, I felt a very strong impression that God is placing all of us in a position of readiness for what is coming. He is moving, and I have no doubt that He is going to deliver us from all the evil – especially after what I just witnessed. He is cleaning it up – evil will not stand!

Keep holding the line. Take it one day at a time – and trust that each day progress is being made. We serve a mighty God. Amen!

In His Love,