November 10, 2022

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions – the ups and downs of this past week has many of us feeling confused, excited, and frustrated. But God is in the midst of ALL of it.

As I sat praying and worshipping, I received a word from the Lord that will lift you up and encourage you.

He said, “Their House of Cards are falling. It will fold in and completely collapse into itself.”

I looked up the definition of House of Cards, and this is what I found: “a structure, situation, or institution that is insubstantial, shaky, or in constant danger of collapse.”

That encouraged me so much! Thank You, God!

The Lord said, “This past week was necessary for many reasons. I am working behind the scenes. I am setting all of it up for the enemy to fall – and they will fall hard.

So many are wandering – is this a repeat of what has happened in the past? Must we go through this farce again?”

I looked up the definition of farce. It means “foolish show; mockery; a ridiculous sham.” I love how the Lord speaks! This word definitely applies here.

He continues, “Yes! You must! There is much that I am doing to clean up the mess.

It may look and feel chaotic – but I assure you – I am in the midst of ALL of it. I see it ALL. I know ALL of what the enemy has been doing. It will soon end.

Victory is coming.

There are still many that have not yet awakened to this evil era that you are living in. They don’t want to believe what they are seeing and hearing – but I will leave them no choice.

I am stirring their hearts. My angels are hard at work stirring the hearts of the ones that are holding steadfast to the lies of the enemy.

There are many parts to this operation. Trust that I am moving all things forward for this assured victory.

Keep standing. Keep holding on to My promise – that your deliverance is coming. Hold onto your faith.

I am working on ALL that you are praying for. I will not leave any part of this operation out.

It will be a TOTAL and COMPLETE VICTORY that will change life as you know it.

Stay close to Me – and get ready for big changes.

Trials will be held. Justice – MY justice will be served – and all will know that I am the Lord God Almighty!

The enemy will fall – and My remnant will witness it, for they have partnered with Me to take the enemy down.

Choose whom you will serve this day – for My glory cannot be denied.

It is coming!”

Thank You, Father! We needed to hear your words of encouragement!

Don’t worry or stress about anything you are hearing or seeing – because our God has got all of this under control. And guess what? We do not lose! He will not fail us. He is coming to clean up the mess! His glory cannot be denied.

Good things are coming – so hold onto Him tightly.

In His love,