October 13, 2022

Our God had a powerful word He wanted to speak into our hearts today. The changes that are coming are going to be unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Our God is going to release new things in this New Era we are about to enter into.

My prayer time today was very productive! The Lord took me to a very unique place in Heaven that I will share once I fully process the whole experience. It is in this place that He gave me this word.

God said, “As the awakening continues, My people are strengthened. (We are becoming stronger!) My angels are on assignment right now – carrying out My commands in preparation of the Day of Truth.

The war you are in is being fought in the unseen realm. The enemy is scrambling because – and I have spoken this before – there are more of you than there are of them.

My Ekklesia is prepared for what is coming. You are entering into a New Era. (A new period in history.) A new way of life is coming. I am releasing NEW ideas over My children – things that I have been holding back for this New Era.

My children – you will flourish. My blessings will flow from Heaven.

Your hearts will leap with joy as I release these new things that I placed in you when I created you.

My provision will match the vision you have inside of you. You will no longer lack because I will provide all that you need.

Your hearts will feel full and will overflow with new ideas as they come bubbling forth. I am releasing new things that are very much needed in this New Era.

Many of you will cry out in joy as one after another of these ideas begin to bloom inside you – and it will burst out of you – for you will not be able to hold it in.

Even now, some of you feel a stirring within you – this is because I have released many angels on assignment to do this very thing. Just wait and watch as it comes to fulfillment.

Did I, the Lord God, not say that change is coming? Do I promise and not fulfill? Do I speak to My prophets and turn away? NO! What I have promised and what I have spoken to My prophets will come to pass.

The Awakening is upon you. My New Era is quickly coming. I will deal with the enemy as I have repeatedly spoken through many of My prophets. And after I take him down, My New Era will be ushered in.

Do not fret! Do not fear! For those that have ears to hear – listen to My prophets! Listen to My voice as I speak through them!

They were chosen by Me to reveal My words to encourage you – to reassure you – to give you hope – and to give you revelation and instruction during this very crucial war.

Listen – Hear My words today! You are almost there – we are almost there. Continue to pray. Continue to stand. Continue to fight.

You will know when this war is over. Every single person on earth will know – for I am the Lord God, and I will not be mocked!

My angels are fighting for you – for My children. Remember who you are – an heir of My Kingdom.

We will not lose this fight. Trust in Me, and I will see you through your darkest days – I will bring you into your best days.

Hang on tightly – we are almost there.”

Thank You, Father!

He wants us to know these wonderful changes are coming. He wants us to expect it. He wants us to be ready for it. It is why He keeps speaking about it. Are you ready? Are you excited? I am! We are so blessed to be alive during this time. Hallelujah!

Remember who you are – a child of the Most High God – an heir of His Kingdom! Amen!

In His love,