In the days leading up to this vision, I knew the Lord had a word He wanted to share with me about “The Awakening.” I know many of you have heard this word and some may be wondering what it means. describes an awakening as “the act of awaking from sleep; or a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something: a rude awakening to the disagreeable facts.”

Many people around the world are becoming aware or awakening to things that don’t seem right – there are things that just don’t add up. There is a spiritual battle going on of good versus evil, and we are in the middle of a very nasty fight. The battle is not pleasant – but I have great news – good wins – God wins. So, choose God and hang on tight – it’s going to get a little bumpy.

Our Father wants as many of His children as possible to know what is about to take place. The more people that are expecting what God is about to do, the less fear His children will have. We must have faith and trust in Him, and we must not fear – God will protect His children.

If you would like more details about “The Awakening,” I host a Podcast titled, “Pure Truth.” I will be releasing a two-part episode on this topic, and the first one will be released next Tuesday, October 4th at 10am anywhere you listen to your Podcast. I will also post a link here on this page that day as a reminder. In addition, here is a link to the Pure Truth Podcast page: if you would like more details.

Good things are coming, and God is speaking to many of His prophets right now. His message is clear – change is coming; our deliverance is coming. And we are not to fear; we are to trust in Him. Amen.

August 20, 2022 – I received this word over a month ago, but just got the release from God to share it this week.

In this vision, Jesus took me high above the Heavens, and He asked, “What do you see?”

“The Heavens.” I replied. I could see Heaven – where God’s Kingdom is. I could see the second Heaven below it – this is where darkness dwells. And I could see the earth below, but it looked small because we were so far away.

Jesus said, “Look again. What do you see?”

We had moved closer, and as I looked below, I saw earth – and it had bright lights beaming all around it – like headlights, only bigger and brighter. I replied, “I see light!”

Jesus said, “Yes, the light is taking over the darkness on earth.”

He then gave a message for all of us.

“My children, it is time to Rise Up! It is time to awaken! Your day of deliverance is at hand.

Your enemy, the devil, has been prowling and howling – causing destruction all over the earth. But he is no match for Me – the Creator of all things. His days are short. His defeat is imminent.

I am coming to destroy the castles and the empires that the enemy has built. They will topple over with one swipe of My hand.

Rise Up! Awaken, My church! I am putting things right. If you serve the evil one, you, too will be destroyed!

I am the Master – the Creator of all things, and the games you have played are no match for Me.

You cannot hide from Me.
You cannot run from Me.
What you have been doing in the dark will be brought to light.
Make no mistake, I am coming for you.

Repent! I say again, ‘Repent!’ Before it’s too late. Turn from your wicked ways and know that I am the Lord, your God – who was and is and is to come.

Awaken – those of you who have been asleep. Your day of redemption draweth nigh. I am here to deliver you from the evil one.

What you are about to witness will change the course of everything here on earth.

I will reveal what has been hidden from you for far too long. I will reveal the lies that have been spoken to you, that many of you believe. I will reveal how they tried to destroy and kill you – yes, kill My children. I will reveal to you how deep the enemy has infiltrated places and things you never thought he could get to – but he did.

Awaken, My children! It is time for you to know the truth – My truth.

You see, some of My children have partnered with all of Heaven – this is My Ekklesia. I have been working with them to prepare for this day. They have been praying and interceding for those that are not awake – that do not know the enemy’s evil plans.

I have heard their prayers, and I am coming to deliver you from the evil one.

Do not fear what is coming! Embrace it! Rejoice in it! Freedom and peace will reign. I will restore all that you have lost. I will restore your land. Many will come to know Me in the days ahead – and all of Heaven is rejoicing!

Awaken – O’ sleepers. You will soon know that I am the God of the Universe, and I will pour out My love and compassion for My children.

Peace will reign.
Freedom will reign.

I am the Lord, Your God, and I am coming to destroy the enemy.

Be encouraged! The days ahead will be full of joy and excitement.

Awaken, and watch as I take the enemy down and make things right on earth.

My chosen one is ready to come back. My Ekklesia is ready to show the way for those that will be seeking Me.

My children will be laughing, dancing, and singing in the streets. You will experience unity like never before. Your prodigals will return to you and to Me.

Watch and see, for I am coming in like a flood that will sweep over nation after nation.

Awaken – O’ those that sleep and know who your Creator is.

The Awakening is upon you – I am coming!”

Wow! Wow! Wow! I was so encouraged. And it felt different this time. I have been receiving words from the Lord for over a year now, and each time it was “I’m coming to answer your prayers. It’s almost time. Keep praying, keep fighting – it will be soon.”

This time it felt like I could wake up tomorrow and all that God has been saying to His prophets will come to pass. We are close! So close! I don’t know how or when it is going to happen – but I know we are close! Amen!

Trust in Him, and do not fear. We will get through this – together!

In His love,