September 15, 2022

I knew the Lord had a powerful word for us today. I kept hearing the word, “Release” before I went to my prayer corner. And as I sat and worshipped, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Release the Roar!” Excitement shot through my entire body. I then heard God speak.

“There is a time coming very soon that I will ask My Ecclesia to unite to push the enemy to his final destination of defeat. This day is approaching quickly.

The delay is not because I am prolonging the suffering. The delay is because I am giving many in the enemy’s camp the chance to repent before it’s too late.

I want none of My children to perish – and many that are in the enemy’s camp are not aware of what is at stake because they have believed the lies. But I know – and I am giving them a chance to break free from it.

Ecclesia – pray for those that are in the enemy’s camp to Awaken and repent. For the Day of Truth is fast approaching, and they will no longer have the chance to repent and be saved from the destruction that is coming to the enemy.

As that day approaches, I am preparing My Ecclesia to unite like never before to Release My Roar – to blow the trumpet – and finally take the enemy down.

Seek Me and you will find Me – and I will show you the things to come – victory is on the way!

If you have chosen Me, you have nothing to fear. But woe unto the ones that have chosen the enemy. Their defeat is imminent. Death, destruction, weeping and gnashing of teeth is what they will experience for eternity.

For My Ecclesia – you have chosen life, freedom, peace, love, and joy! It is coming!

Get ready to Release the Roar! We will defeat the enemy together. My blessings will pour over you, and you will know without any doubt that I am the Lord, your God – who was, and is, and is to come.

Get ready to Release the ROAR – an abundance of joy is headed your way!”

Thank You, Abba! Thank you for preparing us! And yes – we will pray for the ones that are not aware of what is at stake – we will pray for them to awaken to Your truth, so they do not perish.

There is so much to be thankful for. Our Father is so good.

Will you pray with me? And are you ready to UNITE and Release the ROAR for our Father in Heaven? Together – we will defeat the enemy! Amen!