September 8, 2022

Today was a good day. It was a busy day, but many things were accomplished, and I feel so honored and blessed that I get to serve the Lord. And it’s on days like today when I am so tired from all the craziness that made up the day that I know I need to just sit with God and soak in His presence.

I couldn’t go through a day without Him. I no longer want to do it without Him. And as I sat with Him this evening, I just let His peace and His love wash over me – waiting on Him to speak, and He didn’t disappoint me.

The Lord said, “As an eagle soars across the skies – so will My glory soar far above the storms. And as My glory is poured out over the skies, I will calm all of the storms, all of the chaos that has erupted all over the earth.

My children – you will be sheltered and protected under My wings – so do not fear!

I am coming to flip the enemy on its head. I will strike so suddenly that many in the enemy’s camp will be shocked and bewildered at what is taking place.

And when I strike, the blow will be so severe, that they will beg for mercy. Every single one of them will regret the choices and decisions they have made. They will remember the MANY chances I gave them to repent and turn from their evil, wicked ways – but it will be too late. Their day of judgement will come crashing down on them, and I, the Lord your God will TAKE THEM OUT!

They will not be able to escape – NO! NOT ONE!

My Ecclesia – Prepare! I am asking each of you to prepare your hearts and minds for the days ahead.

Yes – JOY is coming – but the enemy must be defeated first. Truth – My truth will rise up like a geyser – it will burst forth and all of the lies will come spewing out – revealing My truth.

Many people will be shocked and surprised at the things that will come forth.

Prepare for this day! Prepare for deliverance – it is coming, and nothing can stop it!

I will be the calm in the storm. I will be the peace that surpasses all understanding. I will hold you as you weep. I will rejoice with you as freedom comes in like a flood. It will sweep all around the world.

I am your Father – and I say trust in Me, and you will not be harmed – not one hair on your precious head will be touched.

My blessings are coming because of your prayers. Yes – I heard them – every single one. And I am coming to deliver you.

This is the day the Lord has made – be glad and rejoice in it!

I love you –


Thank You, Father! It’s on a crazy, busy day like today that I need Your encouraging words to lift me up; to assure me that You’ve got this – that my prayers are not falling on deaf ears. And I know in my heart that you will do as you promised and flip the enemy on its head. I am prepared for the days ahead. I am so ready.

And my hope and prayer is that Your words touch every single person that reads this, and that it encourages them as much as it encouraged me. Are you prepared?

In His love,