August 25, 2022

In my prayer time today, I found myself walking with Jesus in Heaven. We were walking towards the horse stables, and on both sides of us there were children playing in large fields of grass. They were throwing what they call “Sunbursts” into the air. They looked like fireworks because they burst into beautiful colors. They were laughing and having fun.

As we were walking, Jesus gave me the title of His next word. He said, “Expectations in the Coming Months.”

I grabbed my pen and journal and began to write.

Jesus said, “In the coming months, you will see an unraveling begin to take place. It has already begun, and it will grow very quickly.”

I looked up the word unraveling, and it means, “undo; investigate and solve or explain.” Jesus will be ‘undoing, solving, and explaining’ what has been happening. I can’t wait!

He continued, “There are some things in this unraveling that will take many by surprise.”

I saw a vision of a crowd of people shaking their fists in the air. They were shouting – clearly angry and upset.

“This is the beginning of the enemy being completely crushed. Many in the enemy’s camp will turn on each other because I have sent My angels to cause confusion.

As this unraveling unfolds before your eyes, I do not want you to fear any of it.

The enemy will bark – they will try to fight back.

But they will no longer be able to bite – or inflict any more pain on My children.

You will see things in the news – and as the unraveling unfolds – they will not be able to keep up with all the reports as I flip the enemy’s camp upside down.

My justice is coming – and nothing can stop it.

Do not be afraid of the strange things you will see and hear – just know that I am the one doing it. I will protect you. I will set My children free.

So, I say to you today – in the coming months – Look to Me. Stay focused on Me, and you will have no reason to fear any of the changes that are coming.

My children – I am with you always.”

Thank You, Jesus! This word encouraged me so much! Keep praying – keep standing and have abundant faith! Our God is coming, and nothing can stop it. We are blessed to be witnesses to what is about to take place. Amen.

In His love,