August 17, 2022

Do you feel it? Do you sense the changes that are coming? Do things feel different to you? We’ve been through so much the past several years, but our God promises that He will deliver us from all of it. So, hold on tight! Our God is coming to take the enemy down. Amen!

When I sit and wait on the Lord, I anticipate what I’m going to see or hear. And I just want to say that for the past few months, there has been so much excitement in the Heavenly realm for what is about to take place here on earth. Last night was no different. As I prayed and worshipped, I sensed Jesus’ excitement before I heard His voice. My heart leapt with joy when I heard Him speak.

Jesus said, “Things are changing at a rapid pace now. The enemy is scrambling – trying to find ways to fight back. But it’s too late for him. He will fall. He will fail – in a big way.

They are beginning to turn on each other – the ones that have plotted and planned behind closed doors and in the dark.

Very soon, you will see victory after victory – just like dominoes falling – it will be one victory after another victory.

There will be no escape for the evil ones. Their time on what they thought was the top of the world is over. They will be shocked at how quickly they will fall.

My Ekklesia – yes, My chosen ones are prepared for what is coming. They have answered My call, and they have partnered with all of Heaven in preparation for this take down. And yes, I am taking the enemy down!

My Ekklesia – My church! It is time to RISE UP! For the enemy’s days are numbered – he will take a huge blow, and My church – My bride is ready for the Day of TRUTH!

My children – be encouraged! It is almost time – just as I have been speaking to all My prophets that change is coming and My blessings are coming – you will see, and you will know that it is I, the Lord God that is coming. And today, I say ‘Hold on, and watch your day of deliverance come nigh!’

Get ready!”

Thank you, Jesus! Every time He speaks a word, He is full of love, joy, peace, and excitement. Be thankful that you are here, in this time right now. You will witness things that have never been seen before. Our deliverance is almost here! We praise You, Father! Thank You! We love You!

And we say, yes, Lord! We partner with you. Amen!

In His love,