August 9, 2022

After I took communion with the Lord, I sat worshipping. It wasn’t long, and I heard Jesus say, “Come on. Let’s go!” I took His hand and suddenly realized we were walking in waist deep water in Heaven. The water in Heaven is different than the water here on earth. It is so clear, and the fish are not afraid of you.

Jesus said, “I want to show you some things.” He was so excited, and we dove in the water and began swimming. I saw beautiful coral. It glimmered and shined – almost lighting up when Jesus swam near it. Again, everything reacts to Jesus in Heaven when He is near. It is beautiful.

The coral was beautiful shades of yellow, green, blue, orange, red, and purple. There were fish everywhere. Jesus would point often at different fish or large sections of coral. There was so much activity under the water. I also saw dolphins swimming around us. There was one particular dolphin that kept getting really close to me. Jesus told me the dolphin wanted to play and he loves to be rubbed. So, I reached out my hand to pet or rub the dolphin. He shot forward in the water – clearly happy. He came back again and again for his pat. We swam around to a cove and came up out of the water. It was so refreshing.

Sometimes I struggle with looking directly at Jesus. I am so honored and blessed that I get to see Him in Heaven, but my flesh still tries to tell me I’m not good enough. Jesus always encourages me when I’m with Him – this time it was without words. I knew He wanted me to look directly at Him. I lifted my eyes and looked directly into His bright, green eyes. So much peace and love there. It was enough to push my thoughts of not being good enough far away.

I asked Him, “How are things going? How is our Father?”

Jesus replied, “Things are moving forward.”

I then heard God speak, “I’m doing great.”

I was startled and turned around to see God standing in the water right behind us. He chuckled at the look of surprise on my face. He said, “Are you going to greet Me?”

I ran into His arms and hugged Him tightly. I mumbled, “I wish I could stay right here forever.”

He laughed and said, “There is much work to do, daughter. Let Me show you something.”

We were then standing on top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. I could see houses among the many trees below. There were people walking around. I could sense their joy – they were happy.

God said, “This is how it is supposed to be. No sin or sorrow – only love, peace, and joy.”

I looked – watching the people from up high. They had everything they needed. There was no worry or sadness. There was no lack of any basic needs. It was so reassuring and comforting. It brought tears to my eyes. In Heaven – everything is different. It is a place of joy.

I was glad God showed it to me from this vantage point. I could tell by the look on His face that He was pleased with what He saw below. Children playing, laughing, and running around singing. I loved watching Him looking at all He had created. It was precious.

God’s heart for all of us is full of so much love. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knit us together before we were born. He withheld much of His love from me while I was standing there. I wouldn’t be able to stand next to Him if He revealed it.

(I can’t seem to get that picture out of my head since He showed it to me. The feelings come flooding back every time I see it. There is nothing like it here on earth. No worries – no sin – no sorrow, and so much more. Wow.)

I felt Jesus standing next to me. He said, “It’s time to move forward. Things are escalating, and I want My Ekklesia to be prepared – to be ready.”

I asked, “What happens next?”

God answered, “My angels are on assignment right now cleaning the cobwebs out of the dark places. My light will touch every dark corner on earth – every single place that the enemy has tried to rule and reign will be swept clean and replaced with My light – My truth.

There is NO place the enemy will be able to hide from Me. His days are numbered. I, the Lord God, am coming to destroy what he has put in place. His evil plans are tumbling. He will fail. It will happen suddenly, and he will not be able to pick up the pieces because I am completely destroying every one of his plans – not one will survive.

When this day comes, My children will know that I have not forsaken them. We will rebuild, and My blessings will pour out like they’ve never seen or experienced before.

Yes, I am coming to set things right, because I hear your prayers, and because I love you.

Do not be afraid – trust in Me, and I will lead you into My light – My truth. I will restore all that you have lost.”

Our Father looked directly at me. “Tell them, daughter. Tell My children the words I spoke to you this day.”

“Yes, Father God! I will tell them.” Amen.

I never know what to expect when I sit and wait on the Lord. I only know that I anticipate it to be magnificent and wonderful. I encourage you to spend time with Him…it will change your life.

Thank You, Father! Thank You, Jesus! We can’t wait to see all that You are going to do to turn this world around. Thank You for loving us the way You do. You are worthy, Lord!

In His love,