July 20, 2022

I was praying and worshipping when I was taken to a beautiful area in Heaven that had multiple waterfalls, and there was a beautiful pool of water beneath the waterfalls. I could see children playing in the water, and I also saw Jesus on the beach – running and laughing with the children.

I went over to Him and asked, “What game are you playing?”

He said, “We’re playing tag!” He touched my arm and said, “Tag! You’re it!” And He ran away laughing.

So, I joined in on the fun, and we played tag for a while. The children love Jesus so much, and they “tagged” Jesus often. He so enjoyed it.

I watched for a little while – and I took in the beautiful waterfalls as well as the pink and orange flowers that were growing nearby. It was breathtaking!

Jesus approached me, and we sat in the sand and talked about several things going on in my life. He cares about every single thing that we care about, and He is such an encourager.

I asked Him how He was doing, and He said, “The dam will burst soon.”

I know from previous words He has given me that our victory is almost here. These next words encouraged me so much.

Jesus said, “A time is coming very soon when many things will change. A time is coming when there will be shock waves all around the world. Your way of life will be turned upside down – but in reality, when this happens, things are really being turned right side up.

It will seem chaotic for a short time – but remember that I will calm the storm. I will be in the midst. I am telling you these things now, so you will not have any fear when it happens.

These things must take place. My truth will be revealed and when that day comes – remember these words that I am speaking to you.

DO NOT FEAR, for I am with you. I will take care of you and your families. And when things begin to settle down – when the truth comes – joy will well up from deep within My children. It will overflow; it will burst like a spring coming up from the ground.

You will know that I, the Lord, have delivered you from evil – from death.

Freedom is coming – freedom like you have never experienced before is coming, and it is I, the Lord, who will deliver it to you.

I have heard your prayers, and I am coming to answer them in a mighty way.

Remember what I said this day – do not fear because I am near.”

Thank You, Jesus! He loves us and is preparing us for the days ahead. We must not fear what takes place – we must trust that He will do exactly as He promised. Amen!

Have faith and place all of your worries in His hands – He will not fail you.

In His love,