July 18, 2022

As I sat worshipping our Father in Heaven, I asked Him, “What’s on your heart today, Father? What would You like me to share with your children?” I had no other agenda – only His heart. I wanted to know if there was anything grieving Him, and as I sat there praying quietly, I felt His presence, and I listened as He spoke what was on His heart.

God said, “My children are searching for answers to what is going on in the world, but they are searching in the wrong places. My heart is heavy because so many are deceived.

My children – you will not find your answers in men. You will not find the answers you are seeking on the news or any other media source. The answers to the questions you have can only come from Me – your Father – the Creator of ALL things. For I know the plans of the enemy. I know he wants to destroy all that I have created.

The enemy will NOT succeed. His plan to destroy all that I have created is already falling apart. My Ecclesia on earth has partnered with all of Heaven – and let it be known that the enemy will fail.

My children – do you want to be a part of this victory? Do you want revelatory knowledge of what is taking place on the battlefield – right now, as you are reading this?

Come to Me. Seek Me and ask your questions. I will fill you in on things that My Ecclesia is doing. I will give you the answers that you seek. I am here. Partner with Me, and I will break off the old and bring in the new.

For those that have been wondering what to do – I have been calling you for some time now. Answer My call. Yes, it’s Me – your Father. Yes, I need you; I want you; I love you.

Don’t let the seeds of doubt take root. Break away from it and run to Me. I will show you – I will teach you – I will take you to new heights. I will show you what I created you to do.

Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Come – be a part of what We are doing. I invite you in. I invite you to come up and spend time with Me. Let Me show you how much I love you.

I am here.

Come…I am waiting.”

I could feel the love and compassion of our Father as He lovingly spoke these words. If you are concerned, confused, frustrated, or angry about what is going on in our world today – I invite you to spend time with God. He will answer the many questions you have. He will give you revelation on the things to come. He will guide you and give you wisdom and strength. He is a good Father, and He loves you desperately.

Thank You, Father! Thank You for loving us the way you do. Amen!

In His love,

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