July 13, 2022

Our Father in Heaven desires intimacy with each one of His children. When I spend time with Him, it is the most obvious thing I notice. When we seek God out, when He sees how hard we try to reach new heights in our worship and our relationship with Him, it brings Him SO much joy! His love flows out, and you can feel it. He loves it, and He love us!

As I was praying and worshipping this evening, I knew in my spirit that God had a word of encouragement for all of us.

“Who am I to you?

Do you doubt Me? Do you trust in Me? Where is your faith?

I am here! I am with you. I am right by your side – I have never left you.

Who am I to you?

I am the light when darkness surrounds you. I am the air that you breathe. I am the peace that takes away your fears. I am the wind that blows all around you. I am in the smiles on your children and grandchildren’s faces.

Who am I to you?

I am the heartbeat in the ones you love. I am the tears that fall down your face. I am the laughter that comes from deep within you. I am the One encouraging you to dance like no one is watching.

You are never alone…I am always with you. I am the One whispering to you how much I love you.

Who am I to you?

I am the fragrance you smell in a flower. I am the gentle rain falling from the sky. Even while you sleep, I am with you.

Will you come to Me? Will you spend time with Me? Will you get to know Me? Will you allow Me to take you to new heights?

I love you so much, and there is much I want to share with you about your life.

Who am I to you? For I know who you are to Me. You are EVERYTHING, and I love you.”

Wow – just wow! The love – oh the love that radiates from our Father simply cannot be put into words. We are EVERYTHING to Him!

I encourage you to spend time with God. He loves it when you do, and He loves you even more. His blessings will pour out over you because He can’t hold it back – it’s just who our God is.

In His love,