July 5, 2022

As I sat praying, worshipping, and waiting on the Lord, I was taken to Heaven, and I found myself standing next to Jesus in a very large banquet room. I was wearing a beautiful, white dress. It was the most expensive dress I have ever worn. Jesus began escorting me through this large room that was full of people. I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “The Bride of Christ. He is coming for His Bride.” I felt cherished.

Before I go into the next part of this vision, I want to share some details of the meaning of my visit to a banquet room in Heaven. When you experience dreams or visions, it’s important to pay close attention to the details so you can look up their meaning at a later time. I looked these details up in Barbie Breathitt’s “A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary,” and I was overjoyed at what I found.

When you see a banquet, it means “the love of Jesus; great preparations and planning will bring success and happiness; overflow of blessings; abundant wealth; invitation to a wedding is coming.”

A dress “indicates a variety of social encounters are coming. The color, cost, and style of the dress will give indications for what type of occasions you will attend.”

The color white means “love; Spirit of the Lord; holy power; purity; light; peace; victory; reverence, and holiness of God.”

All of these things indicate that Jesus is planning something big with His Bride – His Church. As I was walking through this banquet room with Jesus, I felt so much peace and joy in my heart. Then suddenly, I was back on earth standing among a very large crowd of people.

The atmosphere was filled with expectancy. The clouds above were moving across the sky very
quickly. The light was different – the light coming from the sky looked different.

I heard these words, “The glory of the Lord! The glory of the Lord!”

Every single person fell to the ground as the glory of the Lord fell upon us. I lay flat on my stomach, and I knew I was experiencing God’s glory being poured out from Heaven onto earth. It was heavy – the atmosphere was heavy. It was hard to breathe, and I couldn’t open my eyes. It felt like a heavy blanket weighing me down. I couldn’t move – couldn’t speak, so I concentrated on breathing. One breath at a time – breathing in and out the glory of God.

We must have stayed in that position for an hour or more. There was nothing but His peace and joy. I continued taking small breaths – in complete awe. Slowly, breath by breath, I was able to move my arms. I tried lifting my head because I could hear other people around me beginning to stir.

With much effort, I was able to sit up on my knees, and all I could do was worship. I opened my eyes, and I could see other people doing the same thing. We began to sing and worship in harmony – it was such a beautiful sound.

I then looked up and saw Jesus. His arms were outstretched towards us. His face was full of joy.

More and more people began to see that He was there, and the more we looked, the bigger He got. He filled the sky as we looked upon Him and we continued to sing and worship.

I could see our Father just beyond Jesus – looking down upon us. It was an amazing sight to behold. I could also see many angels surrounding Jesus.

Jesus said, “The glory of the Lord is coming – and when it does, many will not be able to deny it – but some will.

The choice to serve Us or the god of this world will always be yours…but make it you must.

Yes, your world is in turmoil right now. So much anger, fear, deception, and hatred. These things are from the enemy – Satan. He wants to destroy you and your families. Listening to him brings death.

I am here to encourage you. Come to Me all that are weary and heavy burdened. I will save you from the enemy’s evil plan to destroy you. Stay close to Me. Listen for My voice. I will guide you in the way you should go.

Many changes are coming. Stay close to Me.”

I continued to worship, watch, and listen. I could see angels playing harps and what looked like violins as the people on earth continued to sing, “Glory, glory, glory to our Father in Heaven. We love you. We love you. We love you!”

Jesus continued, “I will reveal My glory to the ones that love Me; to the ones that stay close to Me. When the Day of Truth comes, do not fear the things you see or the things you hear. Know that I am in the midst of the chaos. I will calm the storm. I am there. I will strengthen you. I will protect you. I will guide you. I will give you the words you need to speak. You will not want for anything.

Yes! Change is coming. Expect it. Embrace it! Rejoice in it!

We have heard your prayers and are coming to deliver you from the evil that has come against My children. For those that already know Me, get ready to embrace many more that will come to know Me. Your wisdom will be priceless to them.

Stay strong! Stay close! We are almost there, and I am never far away from you. You are loved and cherished deeply.

My glory will bring in fresh wind; fresh air that will replace the stench that is encompassing the earth.

With My glory will come new wineskins – it is time to throw away the old wineskins, for everything will become new.

My glory is not only for My precious children that know Me, bur for the prodigals that will be returning to Me.

Preparations are being made now all around the earth for when My glory comes – revival will break out, and the largest buildings will not be able to contain the people that will come to know Me!

My glory will bring deliverance, salvation, healing, freedom, joy, and so much more.

My glory is coming…


With a loud roar, we answered, “YES! Jesus, we are ready!”

I watched as Jesus, God, and the angels disappeared from our sight. This encounter felt so real to me. It was amazing. Jesus is preparing us for a banquet that will bring success and happiness. Blessings will overflow. Victory is coming! Hallelujah! Yes, Lord – I am ready!

In His love,