America! Land of the Free – Home of the Brave!

June 28, 2022

As I was praying today, Jesus invited me up to the Heavenly realm, and I found myself standing in front of Him. The first thing I noticed was He was wearing a red, white, and blue robe. It was amazing, and I knew it was for America’s Independence Day celebration next week.

A group of people formed a circle, and they were all holding hands. Jesus was a part of the circle, and He invited me to join. This group was dancing to music that I had never heard before. It had a fast beat, and it sounded beautiful. Everyone was clearly celebrating something – I could see it in their expressions. They were so happy!

I asked Jesus what they were celebrating.

He responded, “America! Land of the free and home of the brave!”

I knew it had something to do with America, and excitement began to grow within me.

Jesus continued, “The fight America has been in has been long and arduous. This fight has brought an awakening that has only just begun. This is a fight that America will win because My children are coming together in unity.”

He looked at me and said, “Your voices have reached to Heaven, and all of Heaven has partnered with the ones that are praying, interceding, and fighting against the evil one that wants to destroy you.

It will not happen! America – deliverance is on the way!

Your Independence Day is approaching. Watch! Pay attention to this very special day. Many prayers are being answered, and we are celebrating with you.

Changes are coming – prayers are being answered. My chosen one is on his way back. It won’t be long.

Stay alert – for the enemy is looking for every opportunity to pounce and destroy!

Look to Me for peace and prosperity. Like rivers of flowing water, My peace and prosperity will come and be poured out all over America.

America, My beautiful country – your perseverance is shining bright, and you will be rewarded for not giving up in this fight.

America – expect great things. Your deliverance is here – things have already been set in motion. Nothing can stop it.”

I then watched as Jesus continued dancing and many others joined in for the celebration.

I could feel the celebration vibrating deep within me. All of Heaven knows victory is close. I felt it, and I could see it in their faces. I could sense it in their eyes and their smiles. The atmosphere was filled with joy and expectancy.

Even after the vision was over, I would close my eyes, and I could still see them dancing and celebrating.

We are getting closer to victory. Our God will deliver us from this evil.

Have faith and go ahead and celebrate with all of Heaven. Jesus is looking forward to dancing and celebrating with you! Amen!

In His love,