June 19, 2022

I had a wonderful encounter in the Heavenly realm, and it affected me deeply. As I was sitting in my prayer corner, praying, and worshipping – I waited on the Lord, and He took me to a place I had not seen in the spirit realm before.

In the spirit, I saw horses – beautiful horses – racing. I heard the Lord speak, “The person riding the horse is just as important as the horse. It is what the two of them do together that makes them good. They depend on each other for success.”

I was in awe as I saw many angels tending lovingly to their horses. I saw rows of white stables, and I know these horses are well taken care of.

I could hear the horses whinnying – I could feel their breath on me.

I continued walking through the long row of stables in Heaven – petting the many horses, laughing as some of them nuzzled me.

I then noticed that Jesus and God were walking just ahead of me. I caught up and followed them as they walked. I knew I was in a special place. The horses love Jesus and our Father so much.

There was a horse up ahead that was clearly excited as we approached. God was laughing, and I smiled as He told the horse to hold on as we made our way to him.

Jesus said to me, “This is Torch. He loves My Father so much.”

I watched in awe as Torch responded lovingly to God’s touch and attention. I saw a massive
angel approaching. As he walked up, I immediately knew him to be Michael – the archangel. He is larger than life. His armor is like nothing I have ever seen before. He introduced himself and said, “I already know who you are – all of Heaven knows you.”

The only thing I could think of to say was, “We know of you on earth.”

He grinned at me. His presence was one of strength, and I asked, “What can I do to help in the battle we are fighting?”

He responded, “Keep doing what you are doing – speak our Father’s Truth.”

I also heard Jesus say, “Torch is Michael’s horse.” The horse was grayish white with some white spots on him. He was beautiful, powerful, and magnificent.

Michael said, “He likes you; he doesn’t let many people get this close to him.”

I felt a connection to Torch unlike anything I have ever felt before. Torch looked deeply into my eyes – it was like he knew me. I immediately fell in love with this horse. He nuzzled me, and I stood there petting him for a long time. Michael, Jesus, and God continued walking down the long row of stables, but I stayed with Torch. He comforted me in ways that I can’t put into words.

I was honored to be standing there next to him. I knew in my spirit that Torch was a leader but was amazed to find out he was Michael’s horse. It made sense because they paired up perfectly together.

After I came out of this vision, I could still feel Torch nuzzling me – hugging me. I have gone back to this moment several times since then, and I still feel it. This horse has come to mean so much to me.

Thank You, Father, for showing me the horse stables in Heaven. It continues to have an effect on me. I am grateful; I am blessed. Thank You!