June 9, 2022

I knew the Lord had an encouraging word for us today. I could feel it in my spirit. As I sat waiting on Him, I found myself on the back of an eagle once again, and we flew up to Heaven. I was in awe as we flew over the top of the most amazing blue water. The eagle soared over it, and the water was so clear and beautiful. I could tell it was deep. I felt such peace as we were flying.

The next thing I knew, we were on the beach, and I saw Jesus waiting for me. I went and sat next to Him. It’s been a hectic week, so it felt good to be in His presence – He always knows exactly what I need, and we talked about several things that I needed guidance and direction on.

He then gave an encouraging word for all of us…

“For those that are questioning what is going on – the rise in gas prices; all the bad reports you are hearing – I need you to understand this: Things are changing rapidly. It is My will for these things to move quickly – for they must take place to bring an end to what the enemy is doing.

The enemy would have you believe that you and your family will suffer. But I, the Lord, say ‘Trust in Me, and you and your family will not perish!’

Trust in Me – the Day of Truth is almost upon you. When you hear that things are going to get worse – know that I am coming to deliver you. Know that I am coming to put an end to the lies.

Do not fear. Do not doubt.

Turn to Me, and I will guide you through this. Trust in Me – have faith in Me. I am never far away from you.

I see you…I hear you…I love you.

Body of Christ – My Ekklesia – turn to each other; encourage each other. Lift up your brothers and sisters – for the enemy is looking for weakness so he can devour and destroy you.

Don’t let him. Stay strong. Fight this battle with Me – with My army of angels. Partner with Me, and we will defeat the enemy. Freedom is coming.

Stand together. Your best days are ahead.

I am with you always.”

Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for Your encouraging words. We will fight alongside You and Your army of angels! Yes, we will! Amen.

Are you with me?

Let’s do this – together!

In His love,